Polyether, propylene oxide prices rose sharply, may be concerned about a Novo

National Day before September 30, the new three-board basis chemical industry (East Finance classification) relative to the base date of June 24, 2016, the level of innovation in the market price rise of 4.23%; the joint market innovation market price changes To 1.62%; the profitability of the company rose 11.24%; the growth rate of 5.13%; the innovation of the capital market price of 4.45%; the trading price of 100 fell to 9.10 %; United News trading 500 market price increase of 6.11%.

Week before the market performance: Tung Choi basic chemical industry performance was stable

Ranked 15th, ranked 15th, ranked 15th, the first volume of 3282 shares, ranked No. 9; turnover of 283 million yuan, ranked No. 6; interval average daily turnover rate of 0.72%, ranked No. 11; range price (total market value weighted Average) was 1.27%

Tung Choi basic chemical industry agreement to transfer stocks: significant Che-hung technology, in the dissolved chemical technology and petrochemical turnover in the top

In the dissolved science and technology, poly petrochemical and sea power respectively 261.2 million shares, 250.0 million shares and 200.0 million shares traded in the top three; was Che-hung tee pipe Technology, Poly Petrochemical and dissolved in science and technology were 37.31 million yuan, 19.0 million yuan And 17.526 million yuan turnover in the top three; turnover rate, the Che-hung technology, innovation and days in the dissolved technology were 34.60%, 19.70% and 11.40% in the top three; Rise or decline, Wonderful and Qilu Huaxin respectively to 2225.58%, 100.67% and 88.89% out of the top three.

East financial basis of the chemical industry to do market trading stocks: Anderson Technology, Sheng Quan Group and the completion of silicified turnover in the top three

Anderson Technology, Jia Rui Gaoke and St. Stephen Group, respectively, to 537.4 million shares, 333.4 million shares and 265.9 million shares in the top three volume; Anderson Technology, Shengquan Group and the formation of silicification were 108 million yuan, 20.255 million yuan and 365.8 Turnover rate, the top rate, Jia Rui Gaoke, Anda Technology and Jiajing Science and Technology were 8.33%, 5.03% and 3.17% in the top three; prices, the benefits of gas, seven-color pearl and Asahi Technology were 31.79%, 15.43% and 15.23% of the top three.

Tung Choi Basic chemical industry financing situation: 22 additional issuance program, 3 additional implementation

National Day week before the issuance of the program, Ho Chi Technology 2.4 yuan per share to raise 11.67 million shares, raising the amount of 28 million yuan of funds. The company specializes in a variety of automotive and construction, decoration and other fields of new functional film and special protective film product development, production and sales, the main products are automotive explosion-proof membrane, building film, special protective film. 2015 operating income of 7372.15 million yuan attributable to the listed company net profit of 7.926.5 million yuan, earnings per share of 0.12 yuan, the company's profit is more stable and higher product gross margin.

Tung Choi listed on the basic chemical industry and the market: two companies listed, no agreement to do the city company

The main products are high-safety four-layer composite membrane, three-layer composite membrane, ceramic-coated diaphragm, PVDF-coated diaphragm and conventional diaphragm, which are widely used in high-end lithium ion battery separator research and development, production and sales. Power lithium-ion battery, energy storage lithium-ion battery and digital lithium-ion battery. The company has one-way stretch dry diaphragm production line, the first phase of the project in 2013 composite coated diaphragm with an annual capacity of 10 million square meters, the conventional diaphragm annual capacity of 30 million square meters. 2015 operating income of 26,378,300 yuan, net profit attributable to listed companies for 2.5608 million yuan, earnings per share of 0.34 yuan.

Companies in the industry and downstream in the boom period, and a substantial increase in corporate profitability, the future growth potential for large, may become the subject of A-share acquisition of the subject.

Investment Strategy

By TDI, soft foam polyether, propylene Methyl 3-aminocrotonate oxide and other prices increased significantly, focusing on a Novo. In addition, we continue to recommend the following categories: 1, "the People's Republic of China's national economic and social development of the thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and "oil and chemical industry" thirteen "Development Guide" key areas of support Related companies; 2, the field of high-quality companies; 3, product features distinctive, with a certain amount of technology companies; 4, the performance of the company. The main targets: New Materials for a long time, Haiyou new material, Kyoho shares, Jinhong gas, people's livelihood science and technology, holy spring group, Yingtai biological, North Bayer, Dragon nuclear science and technology and the Yangtze River Anda medicine.

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