Propylene oxide recent gains surprising

The recent gains of propylene oxide amazing gold nine silver ten under the trading atmosphere. 19, the average price of domestic enterprises in the 10,700 yuan / ton, 23 domestic enterprises offer an average price of 11,957 yuan / ton, up 11.75 percent. 27 domestic enterprises continue to rise in quotations, businesses around the offer in the 13300-13500 yuan / ton range. The industry said that in October is expected to affect the good, the price is expected to continue ascribed.

Domestic propylene oxide from the holidays to expand the steel pipe gains during the period, the spot stock shortage situation continues to spread the fermentation, not only Yantai Wanhua [-1.38% Money Research Report] MDI explosion news panic disturbed the mentality of the industry, and Shandong Xinyue, Fangda Jinhua, Fujian Meizhou Bay and other factories are running negative, the market is extremely tight supply, while the downstream purchase of polyether active stock up sharply to give PO strong support this week, the domestic price of propylene oxide hit a record Day increase, and refresh the past two-year high. Up to now, Shandong spot exchange propylene oxide factory in 12200-12500 yuan / ton, short-term view of the rally is difficult to stop, in October is expected to better, Methyl 3-aminocrotonate the price is expected to continue ascribed.

Propylene oxide business analysts believe that propylene oxide short-term view of the rally is still hard to continue, ascribed to expectations. The enthusiasm of the downstream buyers to buy goods continued to rise, the factory row of a single row of weak control shipments, market supply and demand imbalance. October Wanhua, shore are maintenance plan, the industry outlook is expected to better the other market rumors, Jilin Shenhua device will be postponed to 10.20 days to restart, is expected to continue to spread to the current rally in late October.

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