Three Tuen monument landscape bridge opened new asphalt

Yesterday, reporters in the seventeen Road bus parking lot near the landscape bridge signs on both sides of the ramp wrote: Please enter the scene to wear Xie Tao. Several construction workers are picking the leaves on the bridge deck.

"This new type of asphalt called epoxy asphalt, laying very strict conditions, the scene can not have water, have to use water sponge, towel little by little rub. Viscous particularly strong, test a bit, went to the shoe cover are sticky On the other hand, so the leaves must be picked to clean shop. "Tianjin Urban Construction Co., Ltd. Binhai Road and Bridge Road, San Tuen Monument Road West Extension 5 tenders Chen Guoku said that the landscape bridge is steel, steel Bridge water susceptible to corrosion. The asphalt can form a strong bond with the steel bridge, because the deformation rate of steel and hot and cold similar to the deformation of the steel deck can not adapt to fall off.

Compared with ordinary asphalt, epoxy asphalt to change the high temperature softening, low temperature embrittlement and corrosion characteristics. In the high temperature of 300 ℃ will not soften, and the general asphalt at 50 ℃ is easy to soften, bearing capacity is more than 5 times the normal asphalt, but the higher cost.

The tenders project manager Chang Zhongyi introduction, landscape bridge about 700 meters, will be two layers of asphalt, below the laying of 3 cm epoxy asphalt, laying above 4 cm ordinary asphalt, epoxy asphalt paved today.

It is reported that epoxy asphalt concrete is a durable steel bridge deck pavement materials, in addition to the landscape bridge, the three-tuned monument bridge construction, cross-river beach building interchange also laid a part of epoxy asphalt.

At present, this steel landscape bridge from the water park carbon steel pipe over the north gate has been extended to the seventeen road bus parking near. All the way to see the park's recreational facilities, trees, water and so on. The highest point of the landscape bridge from the ground nearly 8 meters, 8.5 meters wide net, two lanes, the design speed of 40 km. Unlike the other ramps, the landscape walls on both sides of the bridge are shorter and have blue steel guardrails.

It is reported that three Tuen monument West Extension project "elevated + ground" combination of road form, the length of about 7.9km. The length of the overhead main bridge is about 3.0km, the length of the overpass is about 2.6km, and the main line is 50km / h. The main trunk road and the lane scale are two-way and six-lane of viaduct and 4-6 lanes.

The Yashan North Road - Zhujiang Road South Lane for the ground road new and converted into a two-way six-lane; new elevated road starting in the Pearl River Road South Lane west side of the high ground, the end point is located on the west side of the road. In the east of Shengli Road, using the separation of the upper and lower, west to east along the water park on the eastern side of the existing road extending Methyl 3-aminocrotonate southward, the final access 17 northbound bus station.

At the same time, the project will be a new road in the flood road with a full interchange function of the overpass, from the Zhujiang Road overpass about 800 meters, after the completion of a flood road on the 14th overpass.

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