Do not buy the price of a mild facial cleanser

Cleanser is divided into soap cleanser and amino acid facial cleanser, this facial cleanser is amino acids, mild and safe composition, and the delicate foam. Part of the soap-based facial cleanser wash the feeling of a plate, but the amino acid cleanser will not. And long-term use of soap-based facial cleanser great harm carbon steel flange to the skin, especially sensitive skin, the more the more dry wash.

Fu Li Fang amino acid facial cleanser texture is white paste, relatively soft, squeeze a little bit can rub out a lot of foam, and only need to add a little water, can be blistering Methyl 3-aminocrotonate, foam and rich in the face circular motion There will be small particles in the face of open.

Fu Li Fang amino acid cleanser has a smell of milk, like people will feel very good smell, do not like how people do not smell the smell. It is recommended not to use a friend to go to the counter to try to avoid buying back do not like.

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