Dye production requires activation of innovative genes in industry cells

With the state of energy-saving emission reduction and elimination of backward production capacity and other work carried out, pigments industry has been pushed to an important juncture. The 16th China International Dye Industry and organic pigments, textile chemicals exhibition, the China Dyestuff Industry Association, the relevant person in charge and exhibitors agreed that China to become a pigment production power, it must activate the industry in each cell Accelerate the integration and automation of the industry, accelerate the innovation and development of product ecological security and functionality, focus on research and development to meet market demand and high value-added products, improve the competitiveness of the industry in the international arena, change China's manufacturing Created for China.

"At present, although the domestic production of High-light Dyestuff improved by technological innovation, but most are still extensive, open, intermittent and labor-intensive way of operation, environmental protection, security incidents, poor emergency response, reaction control is not accurate enough , Easy to cause instability in product quality, yield difficult to meet the requirements, high production costs and other issues, resulting in the lack of competitiveness in the international market.This response to the existing mode of production to technological transformation. "China Dye Industry Association Senior Engineer Zhang Yan deep . "Dye industry" thirteen "development plan" (the "planning") also clearly this development.

"Plan" that the future of the industry need to strengthen the reaction equipment of the closed, integrated, intelligent and information technology in order to achieve the whole reaction process temperature, acidity, pressure, flow rate, reaction rate and other automation parameters, improve raw materials Of the atomic efficiency stainlee steel pipe, reduce excess material, the reaction more accurate and reasonable. At the same time to build a number of dyes, pigments, intermediates, automated or continuous demonstration production line, through the transformation and demonstration and promotion, enhance the industry's overall technology and equipment.

The existing production process is still relatively backward, the key intermediate synthesis reaction route and way design is unreasonable, "planning" that should focus on the production of complete sets of technology transformation, optimization, systematization and integration, as well as safety and operational stability . Especially in the process of technological innovation, we should pay attention to the whole process of production materials and energy of the optimal combination of resources to improve the comprehensive utilization effect.

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