Dye industry, the traditional peak sail again disperse dyes active plate

Disperse dye plate strength. Flush data, as of press, Jiangsu Wuzhong daily limit, Jianxin shares rose more than 2%, Anno its Runtu shares, Air China shares among the biggest gainers.

Since May last year, the dye industry to enter the Solvent Dyestuff, the downstream market demand continues to weaken, leading to dyestuffs and intermediates prices cliff-type decline in the spread of black ECT300% and active black WNN200% price fell to 16,000 yuan / ton and 1.8 million Yuan / ton, down more than 50%. Due to the long period to inventory, due to increased environmental problems and downstream textile and garment industry, the traditional peak season, dyestuffs and intermediates in tight supply situation, oligarchs will be strong prices, product prices since March appear more substantial rise. In the combination of initiator and catalyst, the highest price of disperse dyes rose more than 70%, reactive dyes prices rose more than the highest 50%. The downstream printing and dyeing enterprises due to low concentration, do not have a strong anti-price ability.

Industry chain, the middle (intermediates and dyes) to see the relationship between supply and demand, downstream (printing and dyeing) to see the market structure. Supply and demand by the supply and downstream demand greater impact, while oligopolistic bargaining and short-term stimulus factors such as the exhibition also has a certain influence.

Investment strategy, the agency recommended Zhejiang Longsheng (absolute leader + underestimate the value of real estate / investment), Yabang shares (in the high-end anthraquinone dye leader + high growth) and Air Min shares (printing and dyeing production support), concerned about the leap Soil shares (the traditional faucet) and Anno its (layout in the high-end dye + electricity business model).

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