High-light Dyestuff

Seven o'clock, when Lu Ling Xi packed store things, holding a large black walking on the way home. One day down, he always felt something missing, I thought realized that today does not seem to see the Yen. Black recuperate these days, every day at noon Yan will look at the big black, seems to have become a habit. Yen more to find over time, looked up to see Lu Ling Xi stood under the willow, big black quiet crouched beside him. I do not know his illusion, in front of a willow seemed to grow a little high. Wicker hanging, shady trees, pale gold Morninghope speckled spilled. Lu Ling Xi and Black faint hint of a layer of milky white mist shrouded, looking like a big willow same blend. "Your father is the first year I'm sorry, do I can not pursue their own happiness?"

The scene took place in front of fast, sometimes a little Ling Xi Lu did not react. By the time the ward heard outside noise came out to look at the situation, Lu Ling Xi realized something. Lu Ling Xi instinctively hugged from behind rushed to the man's waist, limiting the man's actions. He had never been in a fight, do not know how to help Wang Shuxiu. But according to his wish, a land and water can not move, Wang Shuxiu how can one account for the upper hand. In his view, the men how women play? Especially the woman or Wang Shuxiu. Lu Ling Xi hesitated not speak, Wang Shuxiu laughed, patted Lu Ling Xi schematic assured him hurriedly left. Wang Shuxiu snappily turned a supercilious, "My son is a big hit in the head brick, leaving so much blood, almost even life is gone. If you do not believe ask the doctor ah, ah!" White Courtyard is an antique building, between the inside of the package is a separate separated small yard. Environment is very quiet, even with a pet, do not worry affect others. Xiao Feng Xiao Hung call the car, and so when they find the package gave between Xiao Hong has been waiting at the gate for them. "When will also meet Lee uncle. Father of the body is very tough, serious and responsible work, for flowerbeds really serious. After a little west you will certainly see, however, what I mean here is a flower garden or let Lee uncle staring at you to guarding micro-gardening. " Wang Shuxiu snappily turned a supercilious, "My son is a big hit in the head brick, leaving so much blood, almost even life is gone. If you do not believe ask the doctor ah, ah!" Lu Ling Xi Puchi laughed, turned around and looked at the sparkling eye color more. Yan look more calm, he is not embarrassed and said:. "There are black, we all belong together are the small West family" "Little beast." Man pissed. Yan more quietly shook his hand, calmly said: "Sulang seems to have told me so, or Konishi remember clearly."

Two police officers on the visual look, each smile together. They come on the one hand this is cleared of suspicion Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi on the one hand but also want to come forward to identify some video inside. Now Lu Ling Xi amnesia, which is nothing to look forward to. Since she can not find anything, there is no more left two police officers, but rather Sulang leaning Su Father to stay in the hospital. Ye Kang also said landing family gossip, "Laris Ann his mother you know, Li's daughter, said she also intends to have another child, in order to land the only safe, but the message is lujia denied, I heard Laris Ann his father does not agree." Father leaves some regret, he has been all kind of optimistic about the Yen. "Unfortunately, the kid does not like girls, your little cousin just graduated, and the kid it very good match." Here, Father leaves suddenly looked suspiciously Kang a leaf, "Kang You've been dodging refused to blind, not would also like boys, right? who do you like? a more? or that the assistant a side? you do not like the police, right? " This experience Ling Xi Lu did not realize that he wanted to take care of flowers so simple. Previously, when Lu home, nothing else he would occasionally go to the garden to see the flower watering pruning shears. He was thought that these very simple, but when he began to personally take care of the pots of spider plants, he found that even such a simple thing watering are also learned. Street not far from the home land, Lu Ling Xi landing afar house. He lived there for eighteen years, but still feel very, very strange house. Yan no more gossip interest Kang Ye so high, just look a touch of listening, occasionally whispered back soon. Lu Ling Xi, a lazy stretch waist to climb out of bed, big black woke up early, had been squatting on the bed and keep landing Ling Xi. Yan brought back the lips, face, forming a gentle arc, he rubbed his hair Lu Ling Xi, generous praise:. "Konishi really powerful."

Lu Ling Xi straight face, holding hands stuff block a bit, stopped in front of Wang Shuxiu. That night, with the patient ward 17 of the notice can be discharged the next day, the whole ward people are very happy. To the point of sleep on weekdays and has not been sleeping, we are excited together chatting. Lu Ling Xi also for patient 17 was pleased, the other is a big and tall man, we call him Laoding. Ward Lu Ling Xi Min, also the only one who does not need to shout and shout Laoding Dingo.High-light Dyestuff Yan micro hook the mouth, casually said:. "I was just revealed by Ya Yin people to research progress and Sulang few Huo Weiping, the other may not be my thing." Dongzhi listened very happy, "I just saw a large black good recovery, and then two days no problem."

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