Ethyl Crotonate

"Ah?" Lu Ling Xi look puzzled. Lee directed at young brother flattering laugh, turned around and took advantage of Brother Lee is inadvertently stared fiercely Lu Ling Xi look. Do not think he did not know what this kid is micro-gardening robbed their business. Dare to fight with them, this kid is not 去打听打听, they Qiu Tian gardening status in Fengcheng, really act recklessly. Before Wang Shuxiu has simply finishing off, in addition to the lack of home appliances was deserted, the house is not how chaos, Lu Ling Xi focus pack is his "own" house. This body of origin appears to be an avid fan of heavy metal, the whole room arrangement style is very dark and gloomy. Lu Ling Xi walls plastered with all kinds of weird posters do not know, clothes closet and easy route last time they wear the same, not the skull is printed full tattered.

Wang Shuxiu original gas to death, to see this scene could not help but laugh. "That's what you say you want to keep the dog?" Wang Shuxiu shut the door, rushed landing Ling Xi asked one. Lu Ling Xi nodded. He was such a hesitation, the Yen has seen what he meant, "or go to the flower garden will sit, just Kang Ye also, Zheng Zhuren just ask how to progress the production line." Lu Ling Xi Listen funny, touched a large black head, seriously said:. "Black is not picky eaters, eat anything, more well-behaved than the black" Second floor balcony, white kitten licked his paws, facing one million Shaw proud meow twice. Yan washes out the layers of the eyes smile, Lu Ling Xi fast in face pinched, whispered:. "My Konishi is unique" "Konishi brother." Cub urged a sentence, do not know Ling Xi Lu Yan and the more what to say. Yen more eyebrow, homeopathic sat down beside Lu Ling Xi's hand and hugged him. "I look at." He carefully turned things over in bed, think of Fengcheng environment, laughing, "is not no water repellent ready?" High Yongliang laughed: "Chinese New Year and other high-uncle Konishi seal a big red envelope."

Kang Ha and two leaves look fun, and Ling Xi Lu Yan will return to the more micro-gardening. One afternoon in the past, before the rush at 6:00, Kang leaves a person strolled across the road back into his shop. Weighed carrying dried fish, Fang Lei stroll back to a place to live. Because this is expected to be some time in the Kunlun, Fang Lei and two colleagues together to save money there is no stay in a hotel, but to live in the Kunlun local resident who is not a colleague of a old house. Wang Shuxiu followed his gaze to see the past, suddenly threw the hands of something rushed up. Lu Ling Xi quickly unscrew a bottle of water and carefully pour the pot. Be surprised that the plant needs on the panel does not change, the display is still need water. Walk for about an hour, Wang Chaoliang schematic front of their coming. Yan Ling Xi Lu to more positive thinking cried, ringtones ringing is to Fang Lei phone. A few days before the hearing Yan Ling Xi Lu Fang Lei, said to come Queenan on business, but he did not expect to come so soon. "Yan brother back?" Easy Hang Listen asked one. Xiao Man laughing finished, Wang Shuxiu laughed, feeling the phrase, "Ye home a few years not so lively."

"Your friend is dead, his family has sad?" Wang Shuxiu: "......"Ethyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi said seriously, careful planning for Wang Shuxiu these things. Wang Shuxiu heart happy, holding Lu Ling Xi's face in his head Qinliaoyikou. His hand strength is not small, Lu Ling Xi beginning almost did not notice he was photographed on the ground. Xiao Hong greeted with a smile and together they entered the room, walking with Wang Shuxiu explained, "sister-in-law you are in poor health, I did not let her out."

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