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Enter a micro gardening, Zhaolao eyes suddenly flash of color. Every day, playing with plants and flowers, natural gardening can see inside these micro-raised pot are quite good, it can be said to be vibrant, loveable. He was surprised to see the Ling Xi Lu, just feel juvenile Houshengkewei. A land of water would not finish, Wang Shuxiu been a slap shot in his head. "I make trouble? But you TM over the day, and you let them put stuff out, we Nianglia how do?" "I do not eat, your body is not convenient flowers, big brother will go back."

In fact, he is said to be a small garden on the ground floor of the households own a small piece of open space, outside the fence around the others to enter. Wang Shuxiu not previously thought manage these small overgrown garden which, looking at the mess. Ling Xi Lu in the hospital after discharge should also think about what these kinds of tomatoes, this is simply a small piece of open space to prepare for him. Five minutes later, a small stone called up. "I have to pee." Two small stones in front of the plane so that a small stone suddenly stared in horror. Lai four Hey smile, like as of chicken clutching his small stone thrown into the eastern side of the small room, locked the door from the outside. Hut there are three children, two men and a woman, looking older than small pebbles. Some children fear shrink in the corner, staring at the little stone. Wang Shuxiu refused to take the card, the little bastard is not easy to make money, to marry a wife keep after use. She has her own small restaurant, business was good, where the need to worry about these Ling Xi Lu. Besides Xiao Feng trust her character, not the kind of woman staring at the money man. Even if she has no money, Xiao Feng also do not hold anything against her? Wang Shuxiu thought, did not say anything. Yan leaving more troublesome is that he seems to really listen to understand the meaning of a small black snake. Wang Shuxiu today is really happy, everyone said open restaurants hard, but she is not afraid of pain. Her life to eat a lot of bitter, childhood family was poor for dinner also not afford to go out early to make a living. Lu later married a water, life is good although some may be a water-jerk Jiabu Zhu Lu, the day was still bitter. Should not hold her several times, and still think of little bastard just boil down. Not wishing Pro old days again becomes something to look forward. Xiaojuan did a good job in the flower garden, the promise is to work hard to come by, she cherish the idea of ​​gratitude for flowerbeds thing is cored. Although with small stones at her side, but she never let small stones into the garden, the children do not know the severity of fear inside trouble. This is Lu Ling Xi came a few times but never seen the sake of small stones. Luguang Jing Li stood in the door one last look, hunched back into the car. Mining surplus crazy, Konishi died, Ann was the only home land abandoned as a child sacrifice. He wanted to see if I can look Liyao think the only safe way to remove and can be ...... Luguang Jing Li Yao Li Yao can not blame ruthless, after all, the only mining profit is subject to the safe stimulation. Only Ann mind flashed before harvest surplus quarrel Luguang Jing wearily shrink in the chair, he really does not know the only security for so many years is actually a grudge alive.

Lu Ling Xi to leave the keys and money, Wang Shuxiu say "easy route would be over," and hurried gone. Ling Xi Lu received a good key to identify the tomato seeds last panel upgrade award, to the balcony outside the small garden. Home more than a snake, Wang Shuxiu did not immediately found. Soon end, and because of her wedding and Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu somewhat busy during this time worse. Few people take advantage of the hotel Monday, Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu to shoot wedding photos. Wang Shuxiu would have no need to think of these, she is old now, but also what to shoot wedding. Xiao Feng can be bent to shoot, but also with Lu Ling Xi go, said the way to shoot a few family portrait.Retinoic acid Tretinoin Lai three or four after Lai was arrested soon explain clearly the two acts. Two brothers open three weekday name Lanhuo money on behalf of, the activities around Fengcheng. Experience appropriate to start off a single child, they can cheat on cheat, it can cheat drugged. Small stones are lucky, some time ago Lai four drugs out of trouble, for this depends on three half earn less money, under distressed Lai refused to let four medication again. Otherwise, go on a needle anesthetic, a small stone is clever is no good. Yan the heart of a dynamic, random and said:. "Konishi best drink you drunk is a small chatter, took my have to tell me a secret." He said casually, sight has been falling Lu Ling Xi's face . To see Lu Ling Xi look slightly changed, a little nervous to see him, "What secret?"

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