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Wang Shuxiu thought, simply said:. "On the line today, and I'm the United States and tone classes, you go home with him at night to eat a meal." "Amnesia?" The police surprised Road. Pot, two pots, three pots ...... until around the time of Simon Ling Xi Lu, recorded on a white panel changed.

"It's talking about?" Lu Yan Ling Xi took the more curious he said. Lu Ling Xi suggested: "You better change some with soil, rock peony growing needs of soluble calcium and other minerals, general nutrition soil calcium hydroxide which is not only difficult to be absorbed, but it will rock peony root cause damage. I recommend that you Baiyun limestone, very suitable for rock peony. " Su grandfather and Sulang in hospital for a while and left. Wang Shuxiu also pick up something ready to go, she is a director of KTV, unlike during the day, at night it is the customer more things and more time. "Laoxue you can ah!" High Yongliang force patting Xue through the shoulder, "Where's this flower, how early do not move out? What kind of flower garden can be planted on a large scale it? Floral stable? The smell is absolutely on the city It is unique. " Middle-aged man froze for a moment, then nodded immediately. "Boss?" Video corner, Yan Jie noted go more in God, whispered cautioned. Ye Kang Bai at him, "experts say it, you believe!"

Until the animal world was over a long time, Lu Yan Ling Xi and the washing of the bath was coming along. Black began to press the remote control to change channels. Fengcheng local television stations are broadcasting an old film, "Legend of White Snake." Black press to the table, the right to play in the white snake molt. Black eyes lit up, the tip of its tail happily patted Black, reminding it not to change the channel. Southern Blight is one of the common diseases of large flowers Clivia, Clivia half against big flower and leaf bases at the underground fleshy stem. Early Disease relatively good deal, but once in the late Clivia it will threaten the survival of severe wilting plants or dead. Lu Ling Xi closed the hands of information, carefully follow the book says remove disease section. With white panel auxiliary, he was easily able to see the roots rot where lie, do not need to tentatively find. After removal of the disease portion, he will base the rest of disinfection, sterile cuttings in the wet sand, waiting for re-rooting. The process is simple to say, but in fact the operation is extremely complicated, people need to concentrate carefully.The blue cyanine B Sulang hesitation nodded his head, he did not know why bring up the subject, may seem a bit late to regret. "Konishi Do not move, let me kiss you."

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