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Lu Ling Xi did not wait, go back to the ward began to pack up. He was hospitalized so many days, zero accumulated a lot of bits and pieces of things, he put away early, Wang Shuxiu come do not worry about. "How is it?" She heard Miss a home water hastily hung up the phone to make a car is to drive home, for fear of Ling Xi Lu a person suffer, it is unclear what happened in the end. Lu Ling Xi looked at this scene just laughed, then laughed but felt he feel now and the small dog is somewhat similar to milk. Perhaps in the past are kept in one small world for too long, Lu Ling Xi outside world is full of longing. But when he really came out, he was vaguely afraid. He do not understand anything, absolutely no experience of social life, he can adapt to a new life? This question hovering in the minds of Lu Ling Xi, instead of just discharged his joy, give birth to a trace of the unknown life disturbed. Small milk dog owner will bring it to know the world, fear can also rushed back to the owner's arms, him?

Dinner, good atmosphere, and Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng along very well. While this is not the first time the four meals, but with the change of identity, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu can not help but worry about the heart have any ideas. After eating, she finally put down the heart. "Wailing woo." Lu said a water pathetic, Wang Shuxiu sneer up, "and then bet the son of a bitch? Aging mother to listen to your words are heard not know how many times, peak Brother respect of coal mines which take you to the northwest, the scourge of the province out I told you a land of water, you give up on this heart. His aging mother will not give you a penny, not only, but also to divorce his aging mother with you. " He said a few words, and soon hung up the phone. Yan did not explain the meaning of the straight and said:. "This time tomorrow, just in that corner, you come with a divorce certificate, I give you the money." Juvenile ignorant expression when speaking, when it comes to dead serious look, the more color teenager watching just feel the heart seems to be what grabbed as severe pain. He refused to take someone around, Lu Ling Xi reach out to embrace in the arms, gently patting the boy on the back, whispered to cajole; "Konishi You're drunk." He is not what they do, in the land of his previous home, every New Year is the busiest land and family. He remembered very clearly, from years to years later, with their grandfather to worship, go to a few long-time friend of the New Year, to attend a banquet entertainment. Of course in addition to worship, others do not need him to come forward. He can stay in their ancestral home, to see several cousins ​​every day hurry, relaxed a little sense of the New Year are not. He thought in Beijing and Lu Yen family home almost, Yan brother estimated that ultimately these things. "This is a few?" Lu Ling Xi hesitated a moment, tentatively to Wang Shuxiu sending a message, "Mom, I want a dog."

Xiao Feng laughed, hugged Wang Shuxiu, "Well, children do not want to have is able students, revel it." The more Renzhao Xiao Yan patted him on the back, quietly cajole:. "This is human nature, nothing embarrassed" Black growled hunched down low, although because of the muzzle can not be issued with a sound much, but the back of his throat roar out more deterrent. Lu Ling Xi bemused reaction to the Black also has puzzled. Who is behind them with it? Yan Ling Xi Lu did not know at this time the idea of ​​leaving the micro-gardening but he did not travel directly back to the Yin family. Grandfather is just a phone, and he wanted to have lunch together. Although my grandfather the phone said nothing, but for what the meal is, the more color probably already guessed. Even Yan Jie have received the news of the sea to go overseas branches, he did not believe my grandfather would not know. Several people into the room, Xiao Feng's sister Xiao Man smiled welcome over. Xiao Man Bixiao hung with small teens, looked very young. She does not look like some northerners, petite, very gentle laugh. Xiao Hong stand together with a kind of "Beauty the Beast" feeling. Lu Ling Xi is selected, the primary state of willow evolved into a state of movement is not large, so people will not feel like a big earthquake willow had evolved. With Lu Ling Xi determine the root of the willow shall commence to slow growth, in addition to a portion of the bar deepened, and the rest seems to be moving in a fixed place extension. Lu Ling Xi lengleleng, panel status display wrong, willow root part shall extend north towards really, it is just extremely slow.

For rain, weather Fengcheng is also very unexpected, completely without any prior warning. I do not know how else this year, China country weather is very unusual, southwest side who are in humid areas, yet a whole summer without rain the next few games, there have been rare drought in decades. Fengcheng good point here, although temperatures are ridiculously high, but every once in a while there will always be heavy rain, drought still not powerful. The most puzzling is the Northwest, as a traditional drought-hit areas, this is actually too much rain, and broke out several small-scale flooding. These news added together, just kind of Chinese national climate all hell broke loose feeling. Tricycle galloped all the way, and soon stopped at the door of an ordinary farm house. Man relieved, greeting people at home to open the door quickly. Usually around this time basically you can not see shadows, but today I do not know how it happened, the next door neighbor heard the car rang out with them specifically say hello, "Lai three back?"Crotonic Acid Hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi thought to the family reported that a safe. Can be thought of that pamphlet, he would not know how to speak and Wang Shuxiu. Hesitated a few seconds, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu pressed the numbers, quickly turned on each other. Wang Shuxiu shook his head. Tian sister turned around toward shouted:. "Line, San Leba, all right, do not look."

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