Methyl Crotonate

The driver simply to turning a corner, taking advantage Luguang Jing inadvertently looked at him with sympathy, the family servant are saying Lutai Tai crazy, young master is mad, and now her family received back. The driver thought, if whelp home after dare impiety, he does not look for the birds break legs. Drivers do think hidden, or be Luguang Jing noticed. Luguang Jing self-deprecating smile, the driver is just arrived home land, do not know lujia ago, and they know that the estimate will not sympathize with him, would curse him right. This process is also a former Miss Ling Xi and running-in process Qiu Tian flowerbeds workers. Qiu Tian flowerbeds size is too large, unlike the micro-gardening parterre rely on Uncle Li Xiaojuan and will be able to take care of the need to hire workers from outside. Better to use raw and cooked, the color of the original workers did not make any major adjustments, but dismissed part he felt inappropriate, and the rest are considered good technology, but also honest part. Ye Kang cheek in the micro-gardening spend an afternoon, evening shouting to ask Miss Ling Xi dinner. Lu Ling Xi Guan micro-gardening, politely refused the invitation leaf Kang. He had to go flowerbed trip to Lee's brother to plants ready to come out.

Ling Xi Lu but did not take the elevator to the first floor by the stairs, he felt his body recovered well, usually given the chance, I am more willing to move a bit. On the ground floor of the canteen to buy something, he was filled with curious look into the pot stand in front of the door, no one around to take advantage of the fast hand touched the green radish leaves in front of a white panel quickly appeared. Lu Ling Xi stuck scanning spirit, with a white panel wafting frowned slightly. "That tree is going to die." Not only is the tree, two trees next to it is also dying. " "This is impossible." That day morning, the Yen received a Sulang telephone call asking if he has no time to take a look at the small West to their organizations. Let Yan more surprising things happen, and we have not actually black dog rampage juvenile growl, just hunched body vigilant watching boy, seems determined that the juvenile intentions. Noting reaction juvenile black dog, slightly paused, did not continue to move forward, but stopped in his tracks. One person, one dog sight relative, after tens of seconds, black dog hunched body slowly get on the ground, the body eliminates a lot of hostility, attitudes softened up. Whether it is just Grandma Wang's family or just the Ye Hao Yan, no one would have thought for several weeks later, this Common Traffic Accident actually no clue. The police investigation in the vicinity of several days, was also asked to micro-gardening inside the case. Grandma Wang Ling Xi Lu has been knocked off work that day, and naturally did not see anything. But he specifically mentioned a large black reaction, as well as before the big black thing with the police knocked, suspect that is not the same person? Some people speak angrily, while people around laughed. "Little bastard." Lu Ling Xi a packed his things, other family members in the ward, and he read it.

Lu Ling Xi patience: "The fingers eggplant not grow as high as possible, but preferably limited to about 60 cm do not want to topping, pick the best two or three times to make dwarf plants to more than one of your fruiting peel color. a little bit is not very good, to see the lack of light, multi-colored sun to look good, bright color and luster. " Wang Shuxiu laugh listening laughed, readily Ling Xi Lu in the head a slap shot. "Little bastard would say nice. Do you feel good and live with me, so you have a wife estimated that respect me too unsightly." Just I do not like the color, but there is no way to prevent Ling Xi Lu. Especially knowing Zhaolao also joined Sulang their research, Lu Ling Xi is going to look.

Lu Ling Xi saw dead hearts of regret, was about to recover the spirit of scanning, white bezel suddenly emerge out of the word. Xiao Xiao Man hung on to immediately hundred-beaten steel into a pliant, patience and said:. "Did not say anything about it to eat, and the cake ends up with one minute to eat, put tomorrow does not taste good a. "Methyl Crotonate Wang Shuxiu bother him broke and eat, Cha Zhaoyao pungent swore: "Lu Jia, Lu Jia, Lu family is what, do you think the world is what people are rare break lujia ah tell you got the wrong guy, you listen. do not understand people saying? I do not think a woman bullied, his aging mother do not eat your stuff. " Lu Ling Xi think he needs to try to contact the family, if the other party is really in his body, he will try to swap back and the other body. The other is not him, they each have their own life trajectory, he can not arbitrarily replace each other's existence, but can not replace the other side of his selfish existence. Although it was the presence of his subconscious to want to escape ......

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