Disperse Dyestuff

Ling Xi Lu Yan poured a glass of water for the same time in front of the Yen was also a bank card. Cheerful young voice, "Yan brother I was looking for you, you remember kindred Chunlan it this morning sold out, there is a sell three hundred thousand, you first receive the Yan brother. The remaining one hundred thousand give me some time, I must have. " Wang Shuxiu oversees the side, three teenagers helplessness washed over and over again, until almost rub Popi, finally wash the color from his face, exposing the original look. Ten minutes later, the trio wore a wet docile hair, Lin Dao Wang Shuxiu honestly was in front of Ling Xi Lu. Lu Ling Xi think trance, did not realize that half Yen more attention all over his body. Corner watching the juvenile smile face, Yan has been more irritable mood slowly calm down. Boy in front of like a pearl in clam shells, clam shells from heavy, wash the outside of the sludge is gradually outward show others the moist fine Ze beauty. He believed that he was not only a man found a good Ling Xi Lu, from Dongzhi to Dulin, since there will be others. These young people will find good, young side will want to stay, even where a person would like him to hold the same juvenile mind.

"what happened?" Yin Jia, Yan home is a pool of two bad debts. Yan is more to see the back side of Xiao Feng's intention, but today is not how appropriate occasion. Depressed hearts want to see at once the idea of ​​Ling Xi Lu, Yen Vietnam changed his mind, "Noyan brother back to the hotel in the evening I went to see you." Lu Ling Xi hesitated a moment, tentatively to Wang Shuxiu sending a message, "Mom, I want a dog." This sound aunt and a hornet's nest, Wang Shuxiu Liu Mei pricked, sneered: "? Auntie" These are Lu Ling Xi had never seen before, he was somewhat inappropriate followed behind Wang Shuxiu of. Wang Shuxiu turn a blind eye to everything around, he kept pointing to Lu Ling Xi passing is building several. "You little bastard ......" Wang Shuxiu habitual want to beat Lu Ling Xi head slap, to play for a long time on the land Lingxi eyes, how are shot not go on. "It's not negotiable, you must go to school." Wang Shuxiu bitterly. "Remind What?" Lu Ling Xi from the bag and took out a telescope, a small monkey, pointing toward the direction of look at the past, in addition to clouds of tall trees, he saw nothing. He handed the glasses to the Yen, the Yen looked around, still found nothing. "Go!" Ye Kang apparently not satisfied with his answer.

This booklet is not thick, Lu Ling Xi will be the effort to turn a half. Wang Shuxiu do not know from where to find the booklet seems to be specially popular for homosexuality. Obviously the above statements are very serious serious, even painting cute cartoon villain is the main, Lu Ling Xi is that the body is getting hot, his face unconsciously fly full flush. Yi-Hang nodded, quite some sympathetic mean, "I'm not as good as the fourth of now, I have no problems started cooking, he estimated to be afraid even pot did not end too." Here easy route suddenly eyes light up, pull landing Lingxi lowered his voice, "you say let youngest fourth eldest how to come back, but also to follow your mother do, than what the gold medal chef learned much stronger."

Wang Shuxiu one to know how it is, "Well, ultimately, the big black chicken." This is the first color the more smoothly, which means Huo Weiping rejected the proposal to cooperate together Poor's. Ya Yin Yan Shihui, whether in person or send someone over, Huo Weiping their proposals are turning visitors away. He unpleasant these large conglomerates, no matter no matter how good the pre-talk, wait until the results come out, they always have a way to study for himself. When he is an ordinary developer, do not say any words. Compared to these big companies, he is more willing to pull the pen venture, who pays who contribute glance clearly.Disperse Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi is serving Sulang. He has not seen Sulang period of time, and listen to my grandfather said Sulang Sue has run out, and now look at the whole person really tan a lot. This plant hardy orchid, is sometimes the root pruning can re-raise a new root. But it looked hanging orchids, or in front of a few people that will not leave it does not pick up. But young and fit Ling Xi Lu, Su Wei watching him to see his grandchildren just like to say this time will not pour cold water on it, but is quipped: "Little Miss ambition, and if this strain to feed Chunlan, available let me take a look at the old man, I followed long experience. "

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