Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

That night, Yan and Lu Ling Xi went to the flower garden. Lee uncle know early in the morning they came to settle them in the evening to eat at home, Lu Ling Xi phone did not refused, had agreed to down. This is the first he took down the big black car, the entrance to the village a large willow yellow leaves slowly stuck his black head size of a thumb. Before escaped from a northern suburb bazaars small black snake moved out a little from the leaves. Small black snake half of your body from the probe, golden eyes curiously look to the direction of the small courtyard. It is the feeling that there seems to have what attracts it, than it easy to find this tree it attract larger. So for a while, it shook its tail, ready to swim over to look at. Ye Kang hang up the phone to return to the office. Front windows, a black suit and the Yen stood overlooking the window, fit of the suit wrapped strong slender body, he appears to be more upright posture. Lu Ling Xi's interest piqued, he was like a fun toy, all attention is focused on the use of groping panel above. Until shimmering sky, Ling Xi Lu did not understand the sudden appearance of the panel in the end is what, just know that by this he seems to white panels can be seen on the windowsill pots Chlorophytum needs. Once he meets the requirements Chlorophytum, as if playing a game will get a little heart plants. He looked at the following long pitiful 1/100 (0-order) showed some curious if he won the heart of the 100-point plant upgrade what will happen?

The heavy rain lasted a full day and night stopped down. Because of the old drainage system, nearly half of Fengcheng soak in the water, many units are on holiday. Lu Ling Xi called Dong Qi asked a question, the micro-gardening heard in front of the street was also flooded, and decided to give himself put a fake. Lu Ling Xi nodded along, he had not seen rubescens, rubescens but heard the name. Look panel prompts variation of the word, can probably infer that this strain rubescens rubescens and Common is not the same. He remembers the wild rubescens origin as far away as southern Taihang Mountains, where the climate is harsh, drought and little rain, the soil is infertile. So, Sulang is run Taihang trip? Black exudes between the rich aroma of wok and Lu Ling Xi struggling for a while, chose Ling Xi Lu, quietly squatting his feet. They walked about a half an hour away, Wang Chaoliang said:. "Do not look like we go far, in fact, there still belongs to the edge of the rainforest, go straight ahead so simply no end." This sound aunt and a hornet's nest, Wang Shuxiu Liu Mei pricked, sneered: "? Auntie" Dulin flower garden a little bit far away from the downtown area was located in Fengcheng outskirts of a small village. Most of the village's young men are out of work, the whole rest of the village are the elderly and children. Old people are older can not be kind, either abandoned the family farm or on leased Dulin this point what kind of outsider fill some income. Yan heard the laugh, count afternoon, Lu Ling Xi before and slept for almost 17.8 hours, and really sleep much. He reached Ling Xi Lu in the arms, hand and gently touched Lu Ling Xi's neck, good laugh: "?. After drinking it was also drank drunk like this." Fang Lei behind these things do not know, he drove straight to the spirit of water village head Li Dayong, asked before and songjiazhuang conflict is how the matter?

Yan Ling Xi Lu Vietnam have always felt too thin, the body is not particularly healthy. In addition to urging him to eat every day, but also to encourage the early running Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi was forced to persist for some time, it's too cold and refusing to go out. Yen more did not get his way, he said several times exercise thing. Do not know when the big black remember, more than the Yen also got the idea about it. Land and water at the side of a whining scolded: "You little bastard long skill, ah, I dare put a dog bites you, quickly put the dog to I led away."Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Sometimes reading tired, Lu Ling Xi will go to the pet shop string door. Accidents, pet shops inside the animal liked Lu Ling Xi. Every time he comes out, these animals are willing to conspire him. Occasionally there's a few cats and dogs fighting, Dongzhi uncontrollable, as long as Lu Ling Xi appears, the animals will become obedient to it. Dongzhi also joked, asked Lu Ling Xi willing to give him work. Compared gardening shop, pet store is the place to be for Lu Ling Xi. His calm tone like saying that a little thing like Kang Ye smile, already guessed it's cause and effect. "How are you going to do next?"

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