Solvent Dyestuff

"It is going to rain." "Laoxue you can ah!" High Yongliang force patting Xue through the shoulder, "Where's this flower, how early do not move out? What kind of flower garden can be planted on a large scale it? Floral stable? The smell is absolutely on the city It is unique. " "Xiao Feng do not like?"

Black in the bathroom was hot Xunde faint, the color did not immediately leaned over such a hold on the shoulder and fell from Yan Lu Ling Xi's arms. Lu Ling Xi ward people out early, almost hear the whole process. Although they usually despise Wang Shuxiu, but now it is Wang Shuxiu greatly improved. Tian sister first to stand out, refers to a water landing reproved. Other family members have chimed ward, you made me a language dig a water landing. "How? Wing, I did not lie to you. Even though the store is small, the inside of the pot all are the best. Small boss is a master in this area, and you now have to be convinced of it?" What Wang Shuxiu seems to say something, waved a long while, "Well, his aging mother would have thought that little bastard you want to keep the Pekingese dog like, actually did not expect such a big cook. Look at him bite of an old bastard on parts, big is big. " Black short called a few times, Lu Ling Xi laughed, reluctantly said: "I know, and so the weather warms up and went out jogging." He finished with a smile playing big black flexor moment, joked: "You're a big black Yen more like a big brother. " After the derailment year Yanshi Hui, Yin Yan two actually considered them so that their divorce, their re-marriage. Yin Yan can merge two of the company after a few years, industry all mixed together, on the division of property is a major problem. Yan Yan Yongde then and the grandfather a few times to discuss how to split the property, can not wait for them to negotiate a suitable solution, Yin Qing Lan high-profile says she find her own happiness. Since Yanshi Hui can look for a woman, she can also find other men. Yen more deadpan turned away, eyes floating in a land and water swept him. I do not know why, a land of water from the bottom of my heart glow suddenly a wave of chill, as if all his thoughts are seen through the young man opposite. Thought flashed, small stones began to worry Ah Wong now? It came all the way along to find it? Cranky in the yard outside suddenly sounded like dogs, small stone eyes light up, he knew Ah Wong would find them there. Secretly clinging to the door heard a long time, Ah Wong to go back and find grandfather Lee to save him. Small stones firmly nodded, although A yellow do not see, but he believes A yellow, soon there will be a policeman to catch the bad guy. It is a land and water men, swept into the corner of my eye off the Yen. He immediately made a painful look, her head murmured:. "Why am I not dead."

"Take cover about Band-Aid." Yan more he offered. Pot, two pots, three pots ...... until around the time of Simon Ling Xi Lu, recorded on a white panel changed. Lu Ling Xi went to the closed cage in front of a large black, big black clearly not suited to such a small space, tempered growl, from time to time with the other uninjured paw to dial only took iron bars of the cage. Lu Ling Xi feel close, big black Growl stopped, squinted to Lu Ling Xi. All eyes are too fantasy, he does not know how it is. For some exploring heart, Lu Ling Xi tried spider on the panel nodded. Of the Yin Ya Yan Yongde not say anything good, waved his hand, "Xiaoya you stay with your mother go to rest." "Coke chicken." Lu Ling Xi looked at the Black said. He said that ordinary, nothing sweet, but it is a single word knock in Wang Shuxiu heart. Wang Shuxiu eyes were red, and turned not speak. Direction Ling Xi Lu Wang Chaoliang pointing down looked curious: "? That was it central rainforest Been" "King of flowers you do not look down on people ah, our family are to eat their own food, look good is my good tends, who will be crazy to fight drugs." "See? I'm your mother was there to work, the world of the square, remember."

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Rare to find a young boy believe he is willing to listen to him A yellow man sitting beside Lu Ling Xi speaks incessantly. A yellow dog is not his support, the family dog ​​grandmother would not let him. A yellow was the last time he picked up in the big willow below is A yellow stomach ache that time. He liked Ah Wong. A yellow he could understand the words, but no one believed him, a small partner feel that he is a liar, even my mother did not believe him.Solvent Dyestuff Two police officers on the visual look, each smile together. They come on the one hand this is cleared of suspicion Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi on the one hand but also want to come forward to identify some video inside. Now Lu Ling Xi amnesia, which is nothing to look forward to. Since she can not find anything, there is no more left two police officers, but rather Sulang leaning Su Father to stay in the hospital. Neighbors watched want to say anything, small courtyard doors open timely, Lai Lai four three brothers stood in the doorway, and loudly:. "Brother, sister-in-law you finally come back, waiting for you to eat."

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