High-wash Dyestuff

Yen more paused, mouth brought back, "I did not. Just one thing I want to do my own thing, do not like people from my hand grab. If so, then the altogether who also do better." "Good noisy!" Lu Ling Xi efforts numerous times and finally out of the mouth. He thought he was very loud, but it fell on the ears of people around tantamount murmured. Fortunately, this will ward no one to speak, Wang Shuxiu listening to the positive, and immediately crouched in front of him. Greenhouse farming with soil inside the peak is the brother from Yan pull over there, do not know where to look for more color, which laid down layers of soil, the seeds are basically soaring, on top of a few days seedling. Until the time of harvest is unexpected, we can say is a large harvest.

One person, one dog Abduction a cell, it was still early, the street was empty, Ling Xi Lu also did not give a big black jacket muzzle. Black excitedly trot a few steps, landing Zhuantou Chao Ling Xi called twice. Lu Ling Xi hear the big black mean, let him run with it along. Some of his helpless watching the big black, big black ran quickly ran back to the side of Ling Xi Lu, gently biting his leg forward tow. "Little Miss, where are you going?" Questioning Tian sister, nineteen patients Brother Lee's wife. Lu Ling Xi obedient squatted Su Wei positive side, attention has been placed before the uprooting of kindred Chunlan. Lu Ling Xi heart also think it a little strange, but anyway Wang Shuxiu finally get rid of the land of water. He could hear Wang Shuxiu tone of relief, but also for Wang Shuxiu heart happy. Without land and a water drag, he now has to work to make money, the body burden Wang Shuxiu alleviate a lot, you can not go to KTV to work, but a work-for-the-hearted. Wang Shuxiu not very young, always day and night reversed the body simply can not stand. Lu Ling Xi dazed turned, pulled his is a strange man. Forties man looks like, greasy hair, bearded face look less clear appearance. On a man wearing a dirty gray T-shirt, pants sets a large floral pants, bare feet stepping on a pair of slippers, tightly pull landing Lingxi, from time to time there would also look toward the elevator. "Row." Lu Ling Xi Puchi laughed, turned around and looked at the sparkling eye color more. Yan look more calm, he is not embarrassed and said:. "There are black, we all belong together are the small West family" Easy route in front of the car drooling envy, Lu Ling Xi saw a license plate number, the car in Beijing is over. Lu Ling Xi smile, knowing that black color heard the words of Big Brother, deliberately spoiled. Can Yan brother is right, black now have tooth decay trend, and then continue to eat sweets, I am afraid it will become known as the first tooth of a snake eating sweets. "Spoiled not work." Lu Ling Xi small channel: "From today, you can only drink black sugar-free milk."

Scan spirit shed, floating in front of a white panel. Simple things return home the return home, Wang Shuxiu manage begin to cook. Peak brother moved out, although those people refrigerator, but other basic kitchen did not move. Wang Shuxiu rummage looked at, and some vegetables and meat is left, she and Lu Ling Xi enough to eat two meals a. Pet shop, a pure big black dog lying half on the operating table, unable to focus on its forelimbs, explore the edge of the operating table, watching bloody. Two small nurse tense crowded around the operating table, holding forceps tools like the big dog wants to do some cleanup. As long as they can dare to close, the big dog will straightened up, bared his teeth uttered a low growl, warning them not allowed to come. Zhang hesitated, "rubescens clinical trials, although effective, but the effect is not obvious, it is best to wait." Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng, but also a little worried and asked: "? This secret is only temporary, it would not have been Man Xiaqu" "Come on, hot to eat a cake." "I brought the bottle of wine then, Xiao Man you put where, and will be out to everyone to drink." Sleep at night, Lu Ling Xi U disk plugged into the computer today to see of color photographs. Photographs, Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu stand with very good fit, coupled with the large black and Lu Ling Xi, is entirely a happy family. So the more the other face will say anything bad. But the rest of the time he and Lu Ling Xi are very conscious of the scope of activities within a few hundred meters of the control in the vicinity of the station, did not dare to be too far away. Yan Wang Chaoliang have heard the way through the more talked about, the moment succinctly repeat it again. He had seen a large black black smart look, the more color for the bird population mentioned smart enough to give them a warning little monkey also convinced. He would also have to worry about two other staff members do not believe that, who knows he finished, one of the staff thought, smiled and said: "I know you say is what a small monkey, and a very clever little guy, occasionally to the workstation side, but it is very vigilant, very few take the initiative and dealing with people, you can give this warning is really rare. "

Yan more smiled and nodded, went out onto the unit from the 3 2 unit. Before he could twist open the door, Xiao Feng's phone calls came. Some of the more unexpected Yan, Xiao Feng is that there's anything he could pick up Xiao Feng did not know he was looking for a land and water.

"What?" Lu Ling Xi look puzzled. Qianlao looked at his face and laughed, the Xue through strict sense is not a real businessman, but more inclined to plant lovers. This is also Qianlao appreciate his place. Plants do not like the plant, only to use them as a means to make money, long-term look at one thing is completely preposterous.High-wash Dyestuff Yan Yue gaze falls on a bank card, obscure eyes. He already knew the owner of the micro-gardening Fengcheng intend to leave back home, people are looking for micro-gardening turn out. Yesterday he came to the store, she is worried about the juvenile estimate. He also wanted to start a micro-gardening juvenile to the next, but turned around and guess about juvenile money. Between the juvenile and the initiative to lend money to the store he bought two options hesitate to hire teenagers for a night, the Yen today just want to test the waters over Lu Ling Xi mean, is not that the money did not expect teenagers to get down to business, but he is also thinking about the money. As soon as he got up, big black body suddenly straightened up, growled at him whispering. Black roar brought back bad memories of the land of water, his face flashed Ju Yi, heart reluctantly sat down again.

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