Previous Xiao Hong and Xiao-Man did a child, that is the New Year together with Xiao Feng Leng Qingqing three people. Xiao Man occasionally parents are old couple old, do not like the excitement, every year went to bed. Xiao Hong had a feel of AIDS did not taste, which, like this year's happy. Although it is more than two people, but it feels completely different. Especially to see the landing Ling Xi, Xiao Hong Xiao Feng do further than just competent, eat and drink play, think of what to give what to buy. This privately he and Xiao Man muttered, Konishi child is too obedient, and if a little naughty points, the same as other children cried want this like that better. Xiao Feng back in the day, Kang Ye also came Fengcheng. And the reaction time of the city as Xiaohong Gang, Ye Kang also change Fengcheng scared one. Via a high-speed toll, Fengcheng inside and outside urban areas like two seasons. While still as dull as winter, spring is already one side. That night, Yan and Lu Ling Xi went to the flower garden. Lee uncle know early in the morning they came to settle them in the evening to eat at home, Lu Ling Xi phone did not refused, had agreed to down. This is the first he took down the big black car, the entrance to the village a large willow yellow leaves slowly stuck his black head size of a thumb. Before escaped from a northern suburb bazaars small black snake moved out a little from the leaves. Small black snake half of your body from the probe, golden eyes curiously look to the direction of the small courtyard. It is the feeling that there seems to have what attracts it, than it easy to find this tree it attract larger. So for a while, it shook its tail, ready to swim over to look at.

By the next day to get up early, Lu Ling Xi will read the book and took a shower early to sleep. Black once again abandoned backyard nest, Lu Ling Xi Lai in bed. Lu Ling Xi scratched his big black chin, a big black default behavior. Black muffled cry and ran and ran into the small rooms Ling Xi Lu. Lu Ling Xi just sat, half stood a large black body two front paws resting on the bed, eyes look gentle landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi good sleep, good mood touched the big black head, casually: "? And dad went out." Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not know going to grapes, but is holding his attitude to please species, he is now ready to shut the shop and went to the Yan Ling village water trip. Before out of the city, the Yan drove him around in a circle in Fengcheng, specifically look for them before the purified looked at several places. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng headache from the hands took the black, carrying it for a long time and only then go to the bathroom to wash the body cream all washed away, and breaking the black mouth looked activities activity black teeth. "You eat, then I have a toothache may matter to you." Lu Ling Xi threatening, but also some curious black things have to eat where. The cake was not much, but it is also the amount of 4,5 people to eat. Black man put a cake dig into a shell, it also can not see its belly drum. Yan came back the whole Yen only sporadic flashing lights, most Zhaizi are shrouded in deep darkness. Compare Yen family leaves home not far from the brightly lit, full of sentiment, Yen looks like a ghost house. After getting Ling Xi Lu, want to see the spirit of the river water grass bitter evolutionary situation. Yan has more messages to return, Lu Ling Xi no bother him that he took out a large black door. Now less than seven, the sky darkens. Most of the villagers in the village are also just got up. Loud, barking dogs, crowing sound, the whole village seemed to break out from the night of quiet, a little bit of come alive, with vigor and hope. Wang Shuxiu to spit, pull landing Lingxi into the house, locked the door to direct water off a land on the outside. Su Father good-natured smile: "I came to thank this young man, I looked at the video monitor this guy pull me up, but that he may be necessary to hit the tiles in my head.." Studio boss Couqu be fed to a pair of sunglasses, Lu Ling Xi to the big black belt, clutching his belly laugh even more.

"Those people?" They left not long after, a land of water from a corner nook drilled out, foul-mouthed toward the car pulled away spat.

Hear the door slamming, the more color back, "Sulang how to say?" Uncle Lee has just finished, to see the color behind the windows open, and a large black Lu Ling Xi huddled together stuck his head, curious to see the front. "Uncle Lee." Lu Ling Xi affectionate cried, staring in front of puzzled, "how the other side?"Ciclopirox But this loss is not such thing, Qiu Li Weisheng off the field, to go and pick the garden for a long time brother Lee to pot. He thought well, micro-gardening that kid does not know bragging, relied on his business relationship to grab it? He took pot severely beat his face, let the kid to understand why the boss Fengcheng Qiu Tian gardening is gardening store. From the cell all the way to the airport, Lu Ling Xi blush would not fade. He tried to think of this booklet in the end come from? Last night to pack his own bags, have been received a good package on the bed room. In addition to his Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu can enter the room, but will not go Xiao Feng generally fine, only ...... Wang Shuxiu up. I often think about is that my mother had put the booklet in his bag, Lu Ling Xi felt very shyly. Fortunately, these days he is not at home, so he came back from Queenan how to face my mother?

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