Lu Ling Xi Yan in the heart repeated the name, looked faint nod directed at teenagers. "A more, are you listening to me?" Micro-gardening in general nine door, Lu Ling Xi came early today, it will open for business early.

Lu Ling Xi keen sense out of his bad mood, thought his head and said: "?? Yan Brother you upset you because I heard you talking on the phone in the car yet." Study abroad? Lu Ling Xi on, this really is a dream too far. From the third grade after his car accident, the mother refused to let him out of her sight. He invited her to a family of teachers, school arranged for him at home. He understood that his mother was worried about his health, but also believe that his mother is worried about his case after the accident, another child was too late to save his brother. Behind them far away, before they come all the way along the high and strong man climbs a tree hanging vines turn a few, holding a small telescope to see the direction and Yan Ling Xi Lu Yue. He recognized the Botanical Garden station, and Yan Ling Xi Lu guess estimate is more new employees here. It appears the two men probably did not see anything, otherwise it will not still be here. As a result, high and strong man on some hesitation, but also do not listen to the boss's hands while they place orders. Hung up the phone, leaves some doubt Kang Yan Ling Xi Lu is more that can be more reluctant Yan explained, he would not ask in the end. Besides he had seen Ling Xi Lu, juvenile temper pure simple, unlike what is the pressure, not to mention a split personality. In the end how is it? Listen opposite hang up the sound, the more closed Yen good phone but it is wide awake. Small lapse six months, he again tasted the taste of insomnia. Tossing and turning, the more color and lit a cigarette stand to the window. Long time no smoke, there is in Fengcheng Lu Ling Xi tube, and he almost quit smoking. If the teenager knew he was carrying his smoking, it is estimated will seriously harm him say again cigarettes. Yan thought the more serious expression Teenager, silent smile, simply to twist off the hands of the smoke. Xiao Feng laughed, and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu drove back. Along the way, Lu Ling Xi kept secretly looked forward to Wang Shuxiu expression. Wang Shuxiu pout wanted to ignore him, can not help but look a little soft-hearted bastard, scoff the sentence, "The snake is not poisonous, right?" Plant needs: water "Here, bun." Lu Ling Xi took a bun placed in front of a large black. Ya Yin Yan Sea and now busy fighting for power, it is estimated no time for him. So over time Yan Shihai finished processing combined Poor thing, Zhibu Ding will think of him that was forgotten in the back of his son. To find the event Konishi here, he did not want to be dragged in the small West. This thing not difficult to do, forged an outbound data, no problem. Find more Yan Ye Ye Kang Kang to do his witnesses, estimated that no one would suspect Kang leaves, he can feel at ease to stay in the Fengcheng.

Yan Yue heart suddenly soft down. He went to the window holding the phone, under the eaves of red lanterns are lit, hospital Ambilight. Yan imagine the end of the line who are like the void across the land Ling Xi in his arms. He put a soft tone, whispered coax said:. "Yan brother would also like you, Yan brother a few days on the back." Yan the hook the hook mouth did not speak, looked through the window and looked down finishing is potted Lu Ling Xi, eyes flashed a gentle touch. Sulang and leaves Kang is studying abroad know. They are the same medical school students, a clinical medicine, a psychology. Because of all Chinese people, the villagers meeting a particular hit it off, and soon became friends. By Kang Ye, Yan Sulang know more. Another university student Yan more Department of Finance, and leaves Kang grew up playing friends, Yan leaves two more long-time friend. Reading down the years, the relationship between the three has been good, often eating a meal together, and leaves until Sulang Kang has returned home, and more to stay in a foreign country Yen Yen took over the family business in foreign countries. Yan seemed more random: "You did not eat at noon, right?" "How?" Yan more attention to his expression asked one. At a time when in August, the flowers open flower garden inside brightly. Although small-scale flower garden, but Dulin carefully draw the different regions were planted with different flowers, which are basically common micro-gardening. The corner of a wide variety of pots piled together behind the hospital, next to a sack of fertilizer nutrients is not opened. "what?" Wang Shuxiu evening drink chicken soup left, stewed whole chicken gave Lu Ling Xi stayed. Lu Ling Xi little appetite, will eat a little tear meat, chicken went into the two large black belly. Satiate, big black satisfied squint squinting, stroll to the back yard. Ate two bowls, Lu Ling Xi stopped down. Wang Shuxiu also continue to rely on his flesh, and told him, "eat." Seeing landing Lingxi eat almost, Tian Wang Shuxiu filed before things she said Tuesday. "Mom left you some money, you first afternoon sleep. Woke up to find easy route and let him take you out around there a bookstore, then buy a few high school book, we reported a few days classes , the former Bubu, not when the school do not understand anything. "Wang Shuxiu final word, apparently already decided the matter. His calm tone like saying that a little thing like Kang Ye smile, already guessed it's cause and effect. "How are you going to do next?"

Lu Ling Xi Puchi laughed, turned around and looked at the sparkling eye color more. Yan look more calm, he is not embarrassed and said:. "There are black, we all belong together are the small West family"

"Take cover about Band-Aid." Yan more he offered. They kung fu dialogue, the movement of small trees up, stuck his head out and soon black color excitedly toward the gilded Nobuko, tail rolled a few centimeters thickness of the red snake drilled out from the trees. Red snake's body hanging softly, evidently dead. Wang Chaoliang shocked, stunned to see black long while speechless. He had seen black micro-gardening, of course, we know that black is the color of the pet. But this ...... the immediate scene he has not find words to describe it.Crotamiton Gained much gas, peak brother must marry the boss and flowers, this old cop would dare to dig Peak brother corner. He turned and put the matter told Xiao Feng, indignation on the phone and asked: "? Do you want me to beat him up and fly two" Ten minutes later, they arrived at the field station Botanical Garden. He said that the station is in fact the central clearing jungle built three simple houses, around the room, some of Ling Xi Lu did not know the instrument placed on the ground, and stationed two workstations are the same age as Wang Chaoliang staff.

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