Ethyl Crotonate

He looked a little too ecstatic, until he stood before the Yen has not been found. "Oh." Lu Ling Xi put down the heart, feel more Why not guessed color. Yan's family is related to the land Ling Xi is difficult to explain, only vague comfort: "Yan brother, however, is important to their own flies comfortable enough." Yan originally touched the big black head and a look of casual, easy to hear the aircraft so ask also ignited interest. Triple Dog idle, bored pushed downstairs to see Wang Shuxiu wrist more than a beautifully crafted bracelet. See the three of them down, Xiao Feng mind a turn to guess what could not help a faint smile. He smiled, Wang Shuxiu inexplicably feel embarrassed, angry stare a few people, and he barely smiled.

The staff smiled and explained: "Do not worry, inside the rainforest because of the unique environment limited vision, in addition to small monkeys such a high station most people can not see how far there is to say armed police regularly patrol near the border, there would be no thing. . " Lu Ling Xi embarrassed then nodded, nearly more than a week without eating, he was really a bit hungry. The phone rings, leaf Kang phone. Yan Ye estimated that more is heard Kang Hai Yan things come to him, and sure enough, a little worried Yan Ye Kang the situation. The reaction of the Yen so unlike his style, Ye Yan Kang is absolutely do not believe that this will be more submissive, unless the Yen encountered other problems. The more reluctantly Yan Ling Xi Lu clenched hands, combined with the subject. "Working nothing, and I'll take you home." He did not say better, he says Lu Ling Xi suddenly thought up this morning embarrassment, if at night dreaming how to do? Lu Ling Xi shyly looked out the window, pointed ears just feel terrible hot. Lu Ling Xi watched its behavior, Tian brother suddenly remembered the words before, almost to tears watching it, "Is it because Tian brother and say, ah?" After the walk, pointing out the window of the building Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu excitedly to introduce them. Maybe going home, around a basically Lu Ling Xi previous range of activities. He haunts his former school where his last fight accident park. In the end, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu a head shot, concluded:. "These verses are places you can think, remember it does not matter if it is new to a place when I was your mother from the country when the word Fengcheng do not know a few, is not alive and well here. these days all right, let easy route that kid to accompany you around, getting to know the situation around. " Lu Ling Xi Wang Chaoliang see sleepy look, a little strange, "Konishi sleep well last night?" "Discharge?" Suddenly hear Miss Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu proposed stunned for a moment, then up fierce opposition, "Your body has not been recovered, what the hospital."

"Sister I was wrong!" And he quickly and loudly. Black did not want to separate and Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi reluctantly licking fingers, obsidian-like eyes look gently landing Ling Xi.

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi wrapped in blankets rolled blindfolded want to sleep. He felt he did not do anything, but just too sleepy.Ethyl Crotonate Off the Father Su, Lu Ling Xi from behind the cash register to hold a kindred variation rubescens. These days rubescens looks good, lush color, he looked very lovable, but still no sign of evolution. Behind the Ling Xi Lu, Sulang a simple T-shirt and jeans standing there, watching the landing Lingxi look mild. Off the hospital robes, Sulang less serious when a sub-working, young Duoliaoyifen unique clear.

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