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Because the willow tree long long years, some superstitious old lady nearby privately to call it sacred tree, every Chinese New Year but also to burn incense under the tree, tied in a red cloth. Uncle Lee lips do not say, I was actually a little letter. Generally the country is nothing less than the common tree willow, elm, birch and the like, which willow trees usually live the shortest. Willow tree may have lived for nearly a hundred years old, Uncle Lee also think that public pool. Lu Ling Xi watched its behavior, Tian brother suddenly remembered the words before, almost to tears watching it, "Is it because Tian brother and say, ah?" Xiao Feng did not even hold back a laugh. "Ten o'clock, roll go to sleep."

In two separate entrance flower market, Su Wei positive and micro home gardening is not a direction. Su Wei Ling Xi Lu has been looking at being so far away, only with a big black trot back to the micro-gardening. Close the door, Lu Ling Xi carefully uprooting Chunlan put on the table. "In the future this is your home." Lu Ling Xi big touching the underworld. House, Wang Shuxiu looked at him strangely and said: "how to go out for so long?" Lu Ling Xi nodded along, he had not seen rubescens, rubescens but heard the name. Look panel prompts variation of the word, can probably infer that this strain rubescens rubescens and Common is not the same. He remembers the wild rubescens origin as far away as southern Taihang Mountains, where the climate is harsh, drought and little rain, the soil is infertile. So, Sulang is run Taihang trip? So many a thought not turn finished, Xiao Feng Yan saw the car. He narrowed slightly squinting, pinch smoke stretches the body, waiting for the Yen over. Speaking this is not the first time the two collaborated, and the last two partners Lu a water pit, the partnership won Qiu Tian gardening. Xiao Feng Yan at the same time cooperate with the more pleasant, faint fear of the Yen. Other than his age and more ruthless. Spirit River passes through the village, the village is the only one spirit of water is not contaminated river water village. Large willow root shall be firmly embedded in the river, tangled roots shall be blocked water penetration, a little slow absorption of the river did not come. Plant survival degree: High Black crouched at his feet muffled sob loudly, some aggrieved protest his poor excuse. Black Wang Shuxiu understood, then shook Mao slowly stood up.

Wang Shuxiu waved his hand, "Do not worry, Peak brother who was okay, not the kind of chaos to the people." He also forced to land a force of water, and never implicated families. As for how to find the money a land of water, he would not care. "Of course." Young people boldly assured, our village people know that near the village who basically knows, you just go out to find out, absolutely not lie to you. They laugh here, far away in Beijing Wang Shuxiu hung up the phone, take a deep breath and looked up to the front of the elderly, sullen and said:. "You got the wrong person." Hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi poked biting his black sleeves, black slowly tied to the wrist Lu Ling Xi, affectionately rub the rub.

Hospital corridor generally do not turn off the lights at night, a bright light through a large glass door on the ward according to the room. Lu Ling Xi looked around the envy of the other three patients and their families are fast asleep, sleep the entire ward of only one person. Most of the night, Lu Ling Xi can not do anything, eyes sweeping the ward in a lap later, fell unconscious windowsill pot Chlorophytum above. Yan looked at him the more spoiled, "Like?"Retinoic acid Tretinoin Cub glared at him, "We have now from the good, you know, right? Can not fight do not fight, to morals." Such a long time did not wait until the talk Yen, Ye Kang asked one, "how? Bad mood? Ya Yin is not yet out of the unitary moths what?"

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