The blue cyanine B

"Little gray!" Fang Lei shocked Road. Wedding march sounded, Lu Ling Xi think he was more nervous than Wang Shuxiu. He did not know how to describe this complex psychological now, there are happy, there is sadness, there are all kinds of worry. From his rebirth to the present, he has been Wang Shuxiu each other. Wang Shuxiu not the way he imagined his mother, but he had seen the best mother. He wanted to take care of Wang Shuxiu, accompanied Wang Shuxiu life, but now there is another man to take care of Wang Shuxiu, they will have a new home, perhaps there will be new kid ...... Anyway, Wang Shuxiu are his mother, his flesh and blood relatives. Ling Xi Lu thought of this crooked eye, a small channel:. "I wish my mother happy." Peak brother looked very happy vegetables studio head, just received yesterday the first crop of vegetables on Baba boss sent flowers to the results just by heavy rain trapped in there. But wondering cub, estimated peak brother kinda grateful heart heavy rain, anxious to keep it a big rain falls.

Xiao Hong close the windows have some mixed feelings, "the outside air is good, much stronger than the northwest side. I heard a lot of tree species Fengcheng last year, it seems there are still green environmental effect." After the derailment year Yanshi Hui, Yin Yan two actually considered them so that their divorce, their re-marriage. Yin Yan can merge two of the company after a few years, industry all mixed together, on the division of property is a major problem. Yan Yan Yongde then and the grandfather a few times to discuss how to split the property, can not wait for them to negotiate a suitable solution, Yin Qing Lan high-profile says she find her own happiness. Since Yanshi Hui can look for a woman, she can also find other men. Lu Ling Xi originally discovered this fact when really surprised for a long time. His body was no longer his familiar body, no past pale and thin, the new body was covered filled with a kind of vigorous vitality. The only way to find a way past the shadow of his face, two faces faint thirty-four similar points, but now this beautiful face more refined, more able to see this body mother look. "The youngest, do you go on ...... FML, the youngest what you planted yesterday, this grass grow too fast now!" The idea behind this let Lu Ling Xi uneasy. The idea is not just too weird, he never heard anything like that happened, he is now more than the original body healthy too, so he has a sense of guilty. He imagined that strangers boy woke up in his body, face mutilated body had just finished surgery, I do not know what will be the panic? "Line of the line, go to sleep." Wang Shuxiu leave came back will not bother to go back to work and see the hour is late, there continues to praise the little bastard big black meant, and quickly go to sleep reminder landing Lingxi . Ling Xi Lu laughed, "he also bought the last begonias." He said in all seriousness, Yan Yue apex abruptly shocked. Lu Ling Xi obviously do not know where to know Huo Weiping agency news of the accident, mellowed in this way to comfort him. Yan just feel a little more soft mess, warm eyes to see the landing Ling Xi, "Well, listen to the small West." Lu Ling Xi: "......"

In the evening, Lu Ling Xi holding a book on crop management practices common to see with relish, which devoted a chapter to write tomato planting and management. According to the book written by normal planting tomatoes is divided into spring and summer sowing, spring to wait until next year, and Lu Ling Xi is a little wait, but added Summer time is appropriate. In addition to planting time, the book also highlighted the treatment of seed. Common seeds before planting need to be disinfected, Lu Ling Xi looked at the hands of the seeds. He did not know how to see the good and bad seeds, but these seeds are the last panel upgrade awards, should not be bad. He decided to skip the process of sterilization. Wang Chaoliang know Lu Ling Xi Yang also called a black snake, heard laughed together. Against the three opposite apologetic eyes, Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "No, I have forgotten." He said interesting, Lu Ling Xi followed laughed, the laugh asked Grandma Wang's legs did not hurt these days, right? Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong privately depressed and did not know, all his focus was on the evolution of begonia breeding. Wang Shuxiu listening heart happy, mouth also happens fooling said: "? Who certified the essentials" Yi-Hang nodded, quite some sympathetic mean, "I'm not as good as the fourth of now, I have no problems started cooking, he estimated to be afraid even pot did not end too." Here easy route suddenly eyes light up, pull landing Lingxi lowered his voice, "you say let youngest fourth eldest how to come back, but also to follow your mother do, than what the gold medal chef learned much stronger." Too excited last night, causing him to fall asleep almost two o'clock in the morning unknowingly sleep for a while. Just opened his eyes, Lu Ling Xi to smell the aroma of the food. He rubbed his eyes dressed, opened the door to see Wang Shuxiu is busy in the kitchen. With his finger on the point of the spider pattern has been stationary spider suddenly spin around, all-round multi-angle to show him the way she looks. Lu Ling Xi surprised opened his mouth, eyes resting on three lines of small print on the left. He points to what line, what line of small print becomes enjoyed out. One by one to be able to point at all points again after finally moved his fingers on the lower strip. Dongzhi shook his head, his pet store which also often salvage some of the abandoned dog, and occasionally people come on these puppies will adopt them. But in general this has been adopted puppy, either obedient sensible, or is some of the more expensive dog, like a big black entirely is an ordinary dog, who would adopt it then?

Lu Ling Xi nodded and found himself a reason, "when the hospital before they eat the medicine home, listening to the nurse talking about." Yen more paused to eaten as an excuse to nothing. He meant thinking about paying attention to the image in front of the juvenile, he may soon regret. Because he saw teenagers buy their own after a package, but also specifically to buy a box of chicken to the big black. The rest of the road, Yan looked at the teenager himself finished, turned around and took the big black chicken feed. Rearview mirror, large black eyes narrowed happy face at the hands of juvenile gnawing chicken, the color should be looked intestines regret green. If he bought a copy, now you can not make an excuse to drive inconvenience teenager holding a bird to feed him instead of stupid dog.

Yan Li uncle looking for the reason, because the owner is a small courtyard Zudi Lee uncle. Father a few years ago to follow their children to go to the field, a small hospital has been vacant until Dulin rent down. At that time it was Uncle Lee to pull the line, Wang Yan Yuexi Lee uncle then helped pull a loop. These curved around the inside of the moment do not know, do not want to let the Yen Ling Xi Lu worry about these, simply no take him. Yanshi Hui and many people have the same idea. Fengcheng is now a glittering big pie, no one wants to bite on the bite. Yan came back only two days more, I heard a lot of familiar names Fengcheng ready to enter the real estate sector.The blue cyanine B Imagine this scenario let Lu Ling Xi's mouth curled unconscious, sleepy on the Bay, the final blurry sleep. Fang Lei want to touch a large black head was tilted big black escaped. Police snickered up, Fang Lei laughed.

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