Methyl Crotonate

They finished down to business, domestic Andrzej finally remember time is now two o'clock, Yan urged the early night. I turned off the video call, the more color or no sleep, a land of water pick up information before the investigation began to read. The little boy nodded firmly, look to the big yellow dog. Big yellow dog seems very afraid of the big black, far away from the big black, facing the little boy cried. The boy blinked, soft tone, said: "A brother Huang said it was like you, I like your brother." Black seems to see him there is something quiet crouched in front of him. Lu Ling Xi lightly touched a large black head, whispered: "?? Big black you say I do not want to ask her brother Yan encountered anything I think as a friend, should be concerned about is not concerned Yan Big Brother"

Fang Lei vaguely shown on the phone to give a chance to small stones, do not beat too ruthless. He knew at Xiaojuan is a land Lingxi staff, Ling Xi Lu Xiaojuan before that can certainly put on words. Lu Ling Xi hear what he meant, could not help laughing. "Do not worry, little stones all right." "Come on." He did not say more, call the Yen Ling Xi Lu and followed him into the rainforest. "Yan more." Ling Xi Lu near distance, the two old man looking at him smiling, together before it is fertilized and Zhanglao Zhaolao in hospitals and Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi think of those dishes are truly natural, than the market to buy food more delicious. Want a small restaurant business is good, Wang Shuxiu craft is one thing, tasty raw materials is also very important. Yen more curious, "Konishi what shower gel do you use?" That sound good fall color the ears, his eyes suddenly deep, will be determined to see the landing Ling Xi, inside emotions like ocean waves crest. Author has to say: Thank you, your eyes are a little drunk threw a mine threw a grenade buckle 5 Black Lu Ling Xi looked, smelled and bow buns, no action.

Xue Tong Qianlao also understand the meaning, but he just could not help but want to know this strain of begonias in the end how it was. His smile clean, clear and sound, tone sincere, look at the eyes come slowly faded, revealing a warm smile. "Well, please do that. I was Ye Hong, Lu Ling Xi you are right?" Lai three sullen nod, hand to carry small stones out of the car.

End of the month, Ling Xi Lu Yan took the plate once account. He took over the micro-gardening now for a month, with the old customer word of mouth, the store's business is getting better, more and more repeat customers. Everyone says Lu Ling Xi tends good for gardening, horticulture from micro to buy plants and flowers are long special exuberant, very good support. In particular, we do not know is illusion, always feel to see the plants and flowers on a good mood, very comfortable to be together. "A more How about you? Your thoughts?"Methyl Crotonate Yen more some sit still, clenched the steering wheel, do not hesitate to look at the past. "Oh Yo Hey, speaking before Ling Xi Lu to look like? I do not remember exactly how."

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