Disperse Dyestuff

With that question, Fang Lei arrived songjiazhuang. These days songjiazhuang unstable power supply, frequent power outages. A power outage means without water, people sometimes anxious village water, it will go to a village behind the old wells that draw water. Fang Lei around the mouth of the old well looked a long time, and commanded the water to take home the contact detection, if not unexpected, it is the well should be poisoned wells. Poisoning patients this hospital also proved, all the family was poisoning all who come here who mentioned water. Xiao Feng smiled helplessly, and her brother's family raised the Tibetan mastiff pedigree is very good, unruly temper, it encountered wolves rushed to a dare, is to be played a million names Xiao brother, gave the momentum did not call . Not far in front, land and water a bandage wrapped around his head, one arm hanging in the chest, is in command of several burly men 101 from the inside out while carrying things. A green pickup truck parked on the outside 101, a tall lean man sitting in the back of the pickup, a cigarette dangling lazily, occasionally cry.

Kang Ye Yen against the whistle, "to maintain this position, I take a picture to go back to sell my cousin." Black saw a small black snake into the house some temper, Lu Ling Xi touched appease big black head, do not know why Black would fear this small black snake. Ling Xi Lu in big black palm rub the rub, hunched over with the inside. House, along a small black snake is trying to climb kang kang want to go. They go in when it is climbed by half, seeing to climb the "pop" sound, a small black snake fell straight down. Dizziness to circle around a small black snake crooked continue to struggle towards its destination. This, like the previous one, is also a small black snake climbed half, and fell to the ground. Author has to say: Get updates, pro-resistance drops we see you tomorrow night ~ ~ we should also see that coming, and soon the end of it ~ Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng. Ya Yin Yan Sea and now busy fighting for power, it is estimated no time for him. So over time Yan Shihai finished processing combined Poor thing, Zhibu Ding will think of him that was forgotten in the back of his son. To find the event Konishi here, he did not want to be dragged in the small West. This thing not difficult to do, forged an outbound data, no problem. Find more Yan Ye Ye Kang Kang to do his witnesses, estimated that no one would suspect Kang leaves, he can feel at ease to stay in the Fengcheng. "You pound the garlic flowers do?" One person, one dog wandered into the micro-gardening, Black seemed to prefer to stay inside the micro-gardening, still with Lu Ling Xi how to coax refused to go across the pet store. Fortunately, it is not barking, do not make trouble, just group the body crouched in front of the wicker chairs beneath sleep. Customers have to pay attention to the store also can not see the dog. Occasionally a customer wants to see the big black tease it, large black eyes are not even lift, a change in direction to sleep. After three times, and even the big black faces are humane could not bear to look directly at the face exposed. These tomatoes did not let them down, bear fruit out of one big circle, watching the bright red, speckled with sweet and sour aroma. That did not hold back the cub also eat a slightly more blue, bite the taste is simply no way out. Thought of this, the cub swallowed, shouted, "give me a wash."

AGF cell situation here better drainage in the cell although aging badly, but the growth of lush vegetation on the ground trapped locked a lot of rain. The people do not see the place, whether it is a tree or blade of grass, their roots are trying to stretch out the absorption of rainwater storage. Yan Ling Xi Lu did not know at this time the idea of ​​leaving the micro-gardening but he did not travel directly back to the Yin family. Grandfather is just a phone, and he wanted to have lunch together. Although my grandfather the phone said nothing, but for what the meal is, the more color probably already guessed. Even Yan Jie have received the news of the sea to go overseas branches, he did not believe my grandfather would not know. Lu Ling Xi nodded along, he had not seen rubescens, rubescens but heard the name. Look panel prompts variation of the word, can probably infer that this strain rubescens rubescens and Common is not the same. He remembers the wild rubescens origin as far away as southern Taihang Mountains, where the climate is harsh, drought and little rain, the soil is infertile. So, Sulang is run Taihang trip? He said as he opened the car door schematically Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi do not think the other along his actions on the copilot, big black pigment is more arrived later. Yan is also the thought of this, holding Lu Ling Xi said:. "Konishi If you like to go to school, we can see if there is no suitable school" He really do not remember anything. Yan eyes more Lianqu concerns, calmly said: "Nothing." All the way to the Li family, brother Li Yao Li Caiying just. His attitude towards Luguang Jing and bluntly, "What do you do? I have arranged a lawyer sent you a lawyer's letter, Cai surplus to divorce you, you're ready to prepare it." Sulang nodded. Old man body actually nothing more that happened suddenly, by the stimulus little high blood pressure, like Yang Yang. Ye Kang surprised to see Yan Yan asked the more the more know how it was. He remembers Fengcheng and Chukyo climate almost did not feel such a big gap between the two sides. Besides changes in Fengcheng only in the city, and still feel the outside temperature in Beijing is similar, it is a powerful public pool. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu to go to the address, hang up the phone will go out. Yen in just more, you can leave the shop looking.

"I'm your mother, remember?" Wang Shuxiu tugging on his ear saying vaguely rang in my ears.

"Ah. Thank you." Fang Lei laughed, "just so happened that I travel the place is Queenan, so I went to invite you to dinner."Disperse Dyestuff All the way back to the inpatient department, Lu Ling Xi was about to enter the room, suddenly someone pulled behind him. Yen more calmly punch landing Ling Xi nodded, eyes slightly lowered, Lianqu where emotions. Speaking at Dulin and adolescents feel comfortable to be together, he could not wait to put teenagers abducted from in the house, he saw a man. Unfortunately, he could not. Hold back the hearts desire clamor, the color returned to look as usual, it looks like nothing happened.

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