Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Ye Yan Kang has always stood the side of the Yen phrase some outrageous words like did not hear the same. He gulped down the hands of the water, the bottles toward the trash can to throw the past, perfectly thrown into the bucket, then he asked: "?? How do you intend to remain in the Fengcheng" Lu Ling Xi: "......" Yan more interest in them is not much, but in his capacity as a mere tourist looked around. Wangzhao Liang and Lu Ling Xi is different, they happily walking to see, from time to time also stopped taking several pictures to each other in conversation. Wang Chaoliang is a senior researcher at the plant, Lu Ling Xi who has a mysterious white panel, no matter what the two plants can chat together, some could not help but see the color and taste.

"...... Xiao Shushu." Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds before it looks strange cry. Speaking, Xiao Feng has been more than forty though, but a perennial exercise of reason, strong physique, looked lean and serious, a land full of water and that dirty decadent, different muscle relaxation. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng also some fear of the past, although not later this mood, but never thought that one day will see Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu set with floral aprons stood before him. This contrast is too great, so he froze for a few seconds to react. Yinhen woman at the little stone, but take a small stone can not help it. If not let small stones off pee, he began shouting in the car. In order not to wake the baby's arms, tricycle had to stop again. Black face man standing behind a small stone, just wait for them to quickly put this whelp resold. Doctor Sue's words and the words of his father appear alternately in mind, Lu Ling Xi slowly close your eyes, once again I felt the heavy fatigue from the heart thrown, if this really is the last time just fine ...... Bobbing on a big black horse running back, squatting on the ground in small increments toward the landing Lingxi wagging his tail. "Good boy! Good boy!" Yen more nodded, seemed to inadvertently said: "? You did a good job here, have not considered the next" Few people go to the best restaurant Fengcheng white courtyard, where Xiao Hong booked a private room. By White Courtyard is located in the west, too far away from some micro-gardening this street, connected to the drive over early Xiao Feng Lu Ling Xi. Out in front of Lu Ling Xi consider big black parked in Dongzhi there, Xiao Feng said no, go along with, nothing to pay attention to their own side. Besides Xiao Hong dog quite like home possessor of a Tibetan mastiff, this might also brought over. He said, hesitated Lu Ling Xi will also put big black belt in the side, there are pockets of black households black. In front of a woman he has been kept saying, every word he says Lu Ling Xi understand each other, but together can be completely unaware of each other's meaning. He looked at the woman's lips moving talked on, finally taking advantage of a gap difficult to ask his question. "Konishi ......"

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Vietnam Yen slightly lowered her eyes with an unusual soft voice: "Konishi, I want you alone waiting to." Lu Ling Xi Wang Chaoliang see sleepy look, a little strange, "Konishi sleep well last night?" Fang Lei's case more difficult to do this, he has prepared a long-term war. Hung up the phone, Fang Lei a man strolled out the door ready to find a place to eat breakfast. Took two steps, he suddenly stopped and looked back toward the pace, an alley behind the bustling crowds full of work or school. He glanced warily, did not find anything unusual, you can always have a faint feeling of being stared at. Easy route when looking over the afternoon, to see Lu Ling Xi squatting on the ground under the scorching sun in a little bit of weeding. They backyard that small piece of open space has been cleaned up his half. Across the fence, Lu Ling Xi Yi Hang shouted loudly, "the youngest, what are you doing?" Yen more mouth brought back, hold back the urge to go around Ling Xi Lu, waved toward the juvenile, the rate went into the house. Lu Ling Xi do not think the other, followed behind Yan Yue. Yan has just entered the room was the more force in the arms, eagerly kissed lips. Long thoughts full condensate for a kiss, how are reluctant to let go of the Yen Lu Ling Xi. Hot love | want in the body rises, the more patience Yan desire for young, tightly confined him in his arms, until the pro Lu Ling Xi faint, long while slow, but God. Lu Ling Xi said no more, but the look of the show is his insistence. "The test results came out yesterday, Dr Chan said I recover well, can be discharged." Lu Ling Xi patiently explained, Wang Shuxiu know what to worry about. "The land of water, you son of a bitch, what are you doing?"

Yan look more indifferent, "Grandfather also said that the only inheritance." Closing time before micro-gardening, the large black police sent back.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Jaguar car, the more deadpan face holding the steering wheel, slender forefinger rhythmic tapping the faint revealing a hint of patience means. Co-pilot on his side, silver cell phone lying there, the display shows the call. Black Ci slip his feet, crouched in front of Lu Ling Xi muffled cry.

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