Solvent Dyestuff

That day morning, the Yen received a Sulang telephone call asking if he has no time to take a look at the small West to their organizations. "What look?" Ye Kang think he could be scared to death of the Father, heard some frustration, he said: "What? Grandpa wanted to"

Lu Ling Xi surprised, but more of a surprise he was also not found. "Yan brother how did you come here?" "You do not want to Qiu Tian gardening is done, my dad's the last time you sell those trees planted down only a few days TMD dead. Check the top soon, but this year the focus of the project, the new mayor staring at it, how do you say it? " Last Lu a water owed money clamoring peak brother to send him to coal mining, to put him beaten to death. He was Wang Shuxiu raised so many years, has become a lazy habit may in his eyes, coal mining is really rather die than live. In fact, Lu Ling Xi Lu did not understand the psychology of water, gamble it so interesting? He is so fond of gambling, like preferring to throw his wife and children, everywhere Kenmeng abduction? Lu Ling Xi do not know what to say, his head down and said no more. Lu Ling Xi Xinyousuogan rise, across the glass directed at the more crooked eye color, is pleased to welcome out. Tian and her sister smiled jokingly, "White did not raise his son, the key moment was towards the mother." Hang Ling Xi Yi landing standing on the roadside to pull a red light, pointing to the front of the car suddenly exclaimed. "Rainy season, and went to the prairie cross | with the season!" Ling Xi Lu Yan and her mother did not know the water on the land a thing actually unexpected unified views. He gave a big black after the bath, the habit of carrying a large black book looks. Sulang surprise only a moment, the police have come to the side of Ling Xi Lu. "Woke up?"

Wang Shuxiu a Sapo, the police took her no way. But before they have felt Wang Shuxiu skill, the moment Haoshenghaoqi said: "Before there is a misunderstanding, we found surveillance video of the park, wounded Soviet Father is not your son home, we are looking for him to ask the situation."

He spoke some wandering eyes, face look more juvenile judge looked like a pair of old movies countless times, only a background to know what the story behind it, but it only needs a look Ling Xi Lu, he I know teenagers lying. Lu Ling Xi nodded, holding a large black ran back. He was just casually talk about the results of a turn on the lights to find a note stuck on the living room table, Wang Shuxiu left a dinner in the refrigerator.Solvent Dyestuff Wang Shuxiu these years is not thought a water and land divorce, leave this mess. But each time she mentioned land on a water landing Lingxi naughty egg. Although Lu Ling Xi Lu a water usually a scornful look, mentioning the divorce is definitely a land standing water here. Down several times, Wang Shuxiu no longer mention. She is such a son, also put up for Ling Xi Lu. Situation quarters of the residents went out to buy food back, it comes out very sigh. Almost next door to several cells were flooded. These new cells have the old, and both the old district almost AGF cell age, but also in recent years, newly built residential elevator, but no matter how old the drainage is not good, the deepest place has been flooded to waist heard, lighter also almost to the leg, which, like most, is not seen AGF cell his ankle.

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