High-wash Dyestuff

Wang Shuxiu just showered out into the room to see Lu Ling Xi hesitant stopped him, she wanted to talk about the resignation of Lu Ling Xi things. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu nor is it to make a decision, but home to their mother and each other, not the backbone of a man, there is nothing to discuss only two. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi if not finished, Wang Shuxiu it rude to interrupt him, "his aging mother only forty, where the old, can not say to the little bastard you save money to marry a wife ah."

"Resignation?" Yan Kang and leaves the same accident, "Did not you say he was soon to be promoted it?" "Can not begin with!" Take medicine nurse came in hastily cried, but she too late. Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, he was the first time I saw such a large black fear something. They back yard was about to come in, all the way to the Black quietly suddenly exclaimed, hunched suppress the anger directed at the door growl. "Dog King?" Fang Lei curious said. Unfortunately, Lu Yan Ling Xi and Vietnam do not understand what it said. But rather angry black bully small monkey Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi climb out angrily against the wrist little monkey hissed. Little monkey looked curiously at the black, it seems anxious to think of what the squeaking, telling them, pointing to the front side also kept dancing. Father and son thirty-two diverge before the incident, Wang Shuxiu aware, cross them a bow Xieqi the ribs, mouth slightly sprang up. Lu Ling Xi dumbfounding, only obediently Enliaoyisheng. Wang Shuxiu satisfied, comfortable feeling hung up the phone. He remembered his father and say, "The last time ......" There are other people to follow quipped, Wang Shuxiu more happy.

Xiaye Ban Wang Shuxiu just come back, the cell door to buy milk. Her dislike fried fritters oil is not clean, come back and face their own baked bread. Because of this strain Chunlan, Lu Ling Xi's attention on the flower market will not, go back and think to myself early save Chunlan. Su Wei can positive about his visit to the flower market, two people stroll by half, Lu Ling Xi embarrassed to say go now. Su Wei positive to see his mind, smiling today proposed two wandered first on this, others old, some walk, then continue to the next visit. "Good" Nurse in a hurry to leave. The idea behind this let Lu Ling Xi uneasy. The idea is not just too weird, he never heard anything like that happened, he is now more than the original body healthy too, so he has a sense of guilty. He imagined that strangers boy woke up in his body, face mutilated body had just finished surgery, I do not know what will be the panic?

"Security?" Although winter dormancy, but the willow body vitality is still very strong. Lu Ling Xi looked up at the taller vaguely seems some big willow, imagine the scene after it evolved again.High-wash Dyestuff Ling Xi Lu Yan does not know the specific circumstances of the family, but he intuitively believed that the color is not bad. Yan even more done, and certainly justified. Lu Ling Xi looked up, embarrassed, "Yesterday slept much."

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