Again woke up after two days, Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi became. Up more strange remark, but the truth is more bizarre than this sentence. Rolled up shutter doors, again potted pots need the sun moved to the door, Lu Ling Xi simply pack up shop, hesitating how and Wang Shuxiu said he wanted to adopt a big black thing. Wang Shuxiu like dogs? I would be willing to do a dog at home? Black touches can live backyard neighbors agree? Away Yan Yue, Lu Ling Xi began the routine of daily watering. Black squatted helplessly looked on him, glanced around the small tomatoes crave a look from time to time. Lu Ling Xi look in the eyes, could not help relented. He put down his pipe squatted in front of a large black, with a straight face with big black eye with: "You know, do not let you eat tomatoes for hello."

Easy route when looking over the afternoon, to see Lu Ling Xi squatting on the ground under the scorching sun in a little bit of weeding. They backyard that small piece of open space has been cleaned up his half. Across the fence, Lu Ling Xi Yi Hang shouted loudly, "the youngest, what are you doing?" "Line of the line, to eat, to see you happy. During the day you have a day playing with these, the milk must be cold." "Cheap to you." Lu Ling Xi warning along its look at the past, across the street, Huskies silver squatting pet shop door, an eager want rushing look. However, because of the large black, Huskies forward tentatively took a few times, did not dare to really rushing. Lu Ling Xi blinked, dazed, he did not want to hear more of the Yan Wang Shuxiu know he was here, though he did not understand why, but nodded. However, he was a bit embarrassed openings, "I now have to go back, or my mother to worry about." "Look, your horse is not my home for the birds?" When done more quickly holding Yan Ling Xi Lu re-crossed the bath, she returned to the bedroom. Lu Ling Xi was such a frustrating and somewhat sleepy, rolled quilt heavy sleep. Yen more quietly sitting on the bed staring at his sleeping face looked a long while, softly left the bedroom, giving Kang leaves make a telephone call. Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, thought Wang Shuxiu say this means that promise, and who knows Wang Shuxiu slowly, picked up the chopsticks directly to the sentence, "Although your mother says I am very happy, but I still go to work, you must go to school." Small black snake with a knot way to stay in the kang, the Yen holding a laptop Internet search for a long time have not found a small black snake in the end is what the breed. The only certainty is that it is a non-poisonous snakes.

OK greenhouses right, gained around to the front. Two fly was standing beneath the car directing workers to receive good food onto the car. "Hurry up, hurry up. One would have to send in the past. Market midnight there will open for business." Eaten a meal, the more back to 202 Yen, Wang Shuxiu washing dishes in the kitchen. Lu Yan Ling Xi endured find the idea in the backyard to change the water Wang Lian, Xiao Feng do not know when to stand beside him. Lu Ling Xi surprised, Xiao Feng is specially come to see him. "Xiao Shushu." Lu Ling Xi look that more spent, dazed, "three." Lu Ling Xi some hesitation, these days every day, the more color will appear in the pet store to see a large black, every time the two met. Although not a stranger, a total of two people can not say a few words, he did not want to face more trouble. Time soon to the end of April, and tomorrow is the day Zhanglao appointment to Queenan. Ling Xi Lu played a greeting in advance with the cub, he is not of this time the micro-gardening handed the cub. Gained this confidence, "rest assured, planted small vegetable greenhouses year I know all that." "This is where?"

Yan is no more to be in the grandfather here, and soon chose to leave. Yan Yan Yongde want to leave the dinner together, he was refused the Yanyue Wan. Ya Yin and her mother shopping is about to come back, they do not want to face the destruction of their feelings. Yan Yan Yongde saw more meaning, silent in my heart sigh. Over the years the relationship between mother and son Yan is getting worse, in addition to the problem of Seiran Yin Yan the character itself is also part of the reason. Whenever Yan more patience will not be so extreme, even if it is willing to Yin Ya perfunctory perfunctory, their mother would not get that far. Two Ye Kang Ha not drag, turned gently to change strategy hop leaf flew Kang who is licking is called, very warm.Crotamiton Easy route his father was a small shed outside a cell inside playing poker, he looked up to see the easy route, surprised to have forgotten his cards out. Fang Lei laughed, "just so happened that I travel the place is Queenan, so I went to invite you to dinner."

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