High-light Dyestuff

Yan Wei Leng look more, reveals a faint hint of ridicule meaning. "She's not always want to fit into the Cape? I do nothing but fulfill her." Yan Yongde eyes flash of disappointment A more reluctant to tell him the truth. With longer face the more age, more and more unpredictable Yan Yan Yongde more ideas. He sighed, "That's good, take some time off to raise a good body and then come back. Rest assured, this is something you is your grandfather gave you looking at it." Lu Ling Xi know that these are certainly not comfortable with, but no way. He gently patted the big black, coax said:. "Home like, on a moment."

"Look, your horse is not my home for the birds?" Sulang look slightly dark, whispered: "He died a few days ago." Yan looked at him the more spoiled, "Like?" In short, Xiao Feng Yan to the call is to say, a land of water he had settled there, and let the water continue a land in the northwest dug, dug earn wages Xiao Feng do not, all to save the land of water. When a water and other land and toss the old does not move, so they took the money to his pension. How water is also said Lu Lu Ling Xi of a dear father, Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng gotta watch face gave him a way out. Yen, etc. The more things packed, Lu Ling Xi also large black and almost affectionate. He was a bit embarrassed to see more color, more color in the toes kissed his face. Yan laughed more, big hands covered in Lu Ling Xi's head, rubbed his spoiled. Author has to say: there is a chapter in the evening, I continue refueling ~ Outside of these dialogues with the wind off the land Lingxi floated into the ears, he listened laughed again. The phrase is a fool like to live in an environment good poke Lu Ling Xi, also may be a lot of people do not like to fool even money. The thought flashed, Ling Xi Lu thought of those who songjiazhuang. While plastics factory closed its doors, the Spirit River pollution may have caused. Today he called to flowerbed, but I heard the Spirit River water level rise, flooding songjiazhuang patch to do. Among other things, the plot of land songjiazhuang short time can not be planted. Thought of this, Lu Ling Xi little sigh, do not know songjiazhuang people will not regret it? Yan brought back the corners of the mouth, and looked natural: "My father and I discussed it, although the work is important, but health is more important I've been to see a psychiatrist father knew what his father meant to say I would like to take some time off.." Yanshi Hui waved his hand, "This fair is very tender, who is on who pays more. Even the dark leaves home to do something, we have the money in place, nor can we Yecheng stroke down." His confidence, for this Poor project not only deployed together all the funds can flow, but also risking his entire stake in mortgage loans in the combined Poor's fortune, the latter more than the former is bulk. He knew that several competitors are strong, but he is already a drastic must win this project.

Lu Ling Xi nodded seriously, the initiative went over and kissed the Yen. "Seven days, up to seven days I'll be back, okay?" Yen more turn on the light, it seemed faintly heard outside in the rain. There biting cold seep from the window, the inside temperature somewhat lower exception. He touched the boy's spine, tentacles are full of coolness. The more than Yan, Lu Ling Xi's body to be more thin. "I went to the open air." Yan more worried, afraid of chilled sick Ling Xi Lu, open air and poured a cup of hot water back. "Come on, Konishi drink of water."

Easy route is completely unaware of the danger, grinning conspire in front of Wang Shuxiu. "Sister good." Yan chuckle more, know Xue Tong did not point out the mistake, but the spider thing generally say it again, especially highlighted they have applied for a plant variety.High-light Dyestuff "OK, OK, ah, the king of flowers I warn you enough ah!" The land of water hanging arm last no fighting in the hospital, while only beaten while back. Few people eat sweating, aroma inside the shed, wind blown village. Willow, a small black snake again poked his head from under the leaves, longing, looking at Uncle Lee home yard, saliva unwittingly drops down.

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