Ethyl Crotonate

Yan Yue messages quickly over, he is now stuck in traffic, so do not worry Ling Xi Lu. Yen Vietnam did not say better, he said, stuck in traffic, Lu Ling Xi more worried. And looked out of the window, Lu Jing Ling Xi really nothing less than the heart to do, simply sitting in front while carrying a wicker chair while waiting for the Yen, while holding a brush to open mobile Internet news. "So early?" Lu Ling Xi surprised. Xu Father put down the heart, starlings can help out again, at least he did his force. Alas, too. Who would have thought he buried a half old man one day and actually exchange it a bird? He thought of those words before a small stone yell, do not know small stones are not joking? If true, then he can be regarded as small stones and have a common topic. Small Wazi do not want trouble, come back quickly.

Sulang and Huo Weiping on clinical trials rubescens success, no two days two people received the message, close clinical trials on Cape rubescens also made a breakthrough, is preparing to apply for a patent. Summer rain government stop. Heart sigh for a long time, Dongzhi think of one thing, "Yes, today you will be able to go back to the big black belt." Yan Li uncle looking for the reason, because the owner is a small courtyard Zudi Lee uncle. Father a few years ago to follow their children to go to the field, a small hospital has been vacant until Dulin rent down. At that time it was Uncle Lee to pull the line, Wang Yan Yuexi Lee uncle then helped pull a loop. These curved around the inside of the moment do not know, do not want to let the Yen Ling Xi Lu worry about these, simply no take him. Ling Xi Lu in the bookstore to buy a lot of books, mostly of flowers planted on farming and the like. Yi-Hang boring behind Lu Ling Xi, do not know what these books look good. Hear the words in Lu Ling Xi concerns, Yan smiled more comfort. Ding Yan family scarce, he never recognized Yin Yan Sea and elegant presence, in addition to the necessary started the third visit, the back really is nothing. Juvenile see the black dog's intentions, carefully he walked in front of it, hand gently resting on its head. Since the last fertilization, Ling Xi Lu in a small garden and met once Zhanglao. Old Zhang remembers his amnesia, and asks him how to restore the. I heard he was not remember things in the past, also specifically Zhanglao comforted him a few words. Lu Ling Xi knew that he was not amnesia, but still very grateful Zhanglao comfort. He accompanied Zhanglao once poured water, plus one after another to take care of spider plants and green radish hall, the heart of the plant on the panel finally rose 99/100 (0-order) from the upgrade're just one step away. Lu Ling Xi look slightly shy smile, look away through the window to look outside.

Yan can be more anxious and more waiting to Lu Ling Xi, she nodded slightly. Yan Ling Xi widening landing, he explained: "This little monkey is no malice, Konishi since you should be able to feel what it reminds the front, for security reasons before we leave here." Lu Ling Xi: "......"

Xiao Feng smiled helplessly, and her brother's family raised the Tibetan mastiff pedigree is very good, unruly temper, it encountered wolves rushed to a dare, is to be played a million names Xiao brother, gave the momentum did not call . "In the future this is your home." Lu Ling Xi big touching the underworld.Ethyl Crotonate Here he began to pack up, big black quietly squatted beside him. Lu Ling Xi touched the head of a large black, big black whispered cry. Andrzej has come to the hotel, the Yen is looking out of him information, he secretly hiding in the room gossip boss.

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