The blue cyanine B

Ten minutes later, a roadside tricycle turned into a small village. The village called West Village, located in the east songjiazhuang, far away from here Fengcheng city, the location is very remote. Now is the time to eat at noon, the village basically no one. Into a woman from the village became wary, her sleeping baby in the seat below, all the attention is staring at the small stone. Just a small stone is not barking, from the outside will not find that there is also a child. Their family's small three is specially designed for them usually is with children easy access. Wang Chaoliang front of face, Yan can not say anything more, only in accordance with the meaning of his black threw Lu Ling Xi. Black ingratiating tied to the land Lingxi wrist bravado to her face and shook the tail. Speaking of spider plants, do not know Ling Xi Lu is not the illusion, he felt basin spider plants on the windowsill recovery seems a little too good. Within a few days time, before the soft yellow leaves lying completely straight up, like a glossy green leaves of specially care as before. Yesterday, doctors rounds with a group of nurses, and nurse him boast spider raised well, to learn from him. Lu Ling Xi had not previously raised plants and flowers, he did not know whether suspicious, spider plants watering can be restored only by so doing, or is it all about and mysterious white panel?

"So early?" Lu Ling Xi surprised. "Pulse How many?" "60" Yan did not come today, the micro-gardening, Andrzej went there. Lu Ling Xi was going to taxi is not convenient, taxis are generally reluctant pet carrier, he will be able to catch up with Fang Lei passed as soon as possible. The more I called hastily to Yan, Ling Xi Lu Fang Lei closed shop on the car. Juvenile soft voice, when his mother mentioned a little bit aggravated tone, you can see very well the feelings of her son. Lu Ling Xi shook his head slightly lowered her eyes, every time Wang Shuxiu mentioned last thing he did not dare look at each other's eyes. His long eyelashes, so when the micro-vertical, long eyelashes seemed below eye shadow, covered with a layer of small, twinkling, just like in the human heart, like scratch. Yan micro hook the mouth, casually said:. "I was just revealed by Ya Yin people to research progress and Sulang few Huo Weiping, the other may not be my thing." The police pulled out of bags under the bed and saw a bag on which the gap suddenly surprised, "Fang team, there is a bag open." Yan brought back the lips, face, forming a gentle arc, he rubbed his hair Lu Ling Xi, generous praise:. "Konishi really powerful." Soon, the door opened a small hospital, a thirty-year-old man came out. The boy's face lit up, patted the side of the big dog, big dog suddenly rushed out, just blocked out man. Men see the big dog panicked and ran back the instinct is necessary, but the addition of a small door of the court quickly dogs, blocking his way back.

"Konishi, this is the last time, I promise." He made a business deal, Lu Ling Xi some fun. While holding the fruit vine and begonias customers out the door is slightly scowled fiercely, face some serious. He came around a curve on a car parked on the roadside. The back seat of a car over sixty years old man seems to be waiting for him, he looked up and smiled back. Lu Ling Xi dumbfounding, only obediently Enliaoyisheng. Wang Shuxiu satisfied, comfortable feeling hung up the phone. Police heard smiled, did not take seriously the words of Lu Ling Xi said. Dog no matter how clever, they do not believe that we can hit it so long to remember the person's taste. Ling Xi to see the landing with the big black one asks a serious two policemen Lu Ling Xi think it is still a child, but the dog is trained reaction conditions only. In this regard, the presence of staff do not know. But according to their understanding of the little monkey, it is definitely in front of it safely. Either people are either large dangerous animals. One staff member is human tendency. This is because the rainforest and other bordering countries, there are a lot of illegal immigrants and drug trafficking outlaw adventure haunt. Fortunately, the rain forest to a too dangerous, and secondly, strict border armed police card, this also has not had any thing. But here some time ago Kunlun anti-narcotics police destroyed a large alien smuggling drug cartels, which ran several key leaders, for fear that they fled to this one piece.

Big black moment, Lu Ling Xi micro-gardening back, and began scanning the daily routine. Which pots need watering pots which need fertilizer, pots need to catch insects which, by the panel is fully clear. He was busy, last visit old Han came. He said, voice low down, big black licked his fingers, whining called twice. Lu Ling Xi mouth slightly, continued:. "In fact, not a people do not, but my father sometimes accompany every father and I stayed a long time, the mother will be happy, that his father ignored his brother, his brother unfair big black you do not know it, I had a brother there. listen steward grandfather said his brother was a premature child, childhood was ill, and later got sick, the body is even worse. I think my brother is like a porcelain doll , each brother should speak cautiously, afraid of my brother blew down. mother was like my brother, like brother and father, the whole family like my brother, I sometimes feel that I am actually a surplus of people do. "The blue cyanine B "Father Wants Yin Lu Jia marriage thing." When he graduated from college would have been prepared to return into the closed Cape headquarters, a result of his father sent him to the overseas branch experience, he has been abroad until now. Yan told myself more time, take a step backward. It is also because away from the center of Cape together, he can have time to have the energy in the case not to disturb the father and grandfather of morality and big investments. If he had insisted on returning home, and now I'm afraid to say his father to listen to a puppet, not any so-called successor emboldened.

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