Crotonic Acid

"I ask ......" Lu Ling Xi body nothing, he'd like to stay to help, but have not been to the kitchen of his childhood, that he left behind is out of the way, Lu Ling Xi obedient back out and continue to clean up from the house. Luguang Jing Li stood in the door one last look, hunched back into the car. Mining surplus crazy, Konishi died, Ann was the only home land abandoned as a child sacrifice. He wanted to see if I can look Liyao think the only safe way to remove and can be ...... Luguang Jing Li Yao Li Yao can not blame ruthless, after all, the only mining profit is subject to the safe stimulation. Only Ann mind flashed before harvest surplus quarrel Luguang Jing wearily shrink in the chair, he really does not know the only security for so many years is actually a grudge alive.

"......" Micro-gardening reputation slowly play out, Lu Ling Xi temper and soft and good to speak, inside the environment is also especially good, a lot of customers come to think of passing nothing to tease him. As long as they entered the micro-gardening, more or less have to take the time to buy something. This month down, Lu Ling Xi calculated that, excluding labor, the more he and Yan net profit actually earned two million. "You little bastard ......" Wang Shuxiu habitual want to beat Lu Ling Xi head slap, to play for a long time on the land Lingxi eyes, how are shot not go on. "It's not negotiable, you must go to school." Wang Shuxiu bitterly. "Where?" Old Han one thousand Wan Xie Xie holding his baby Clivia left, everyone they have the ability to boast Lu Ling Xi, mortal Huadu he saved over, the young man is not simple. Dulin previous gardening technology is good, already a minor celebrity in the vicinity. Old Korea such a promotion, asking a crowd of people turned out to be micro-gardening, less than two days in Lu Ling Xi flower lovers of the street near the famous inside. Lu Ling Xi rush before dinner in the wall posters were torn down, and the previous collection of CD are packaged and sealed, the clothes inside the closet he was also in accordance to wear and not wear into two pile. Lu Ling Xi origin of these things are not going to lose, but think of leaving it to be a memorial. He knew that this idea is ridiculous, but he always felt he occupied the original owner of the body, even if the people around them are accustomed to his appearance, forget what the origin is, he should not be forgotten. Lu Ling Xi nodded shyly, strictly speaking, he has not graduated from primary school. Fang Lei also bring people to retreat. Wang Shuxiu mentioning divorce, a land of water immediately explode. "What divorce, who will divorce you? Little bastard, son, you have to look at the house loose yet?"

"Luk stadium thing you can rest assured that I'll let you arrange here Phone ......" A word of apology, wind, big black ears pricked up, looked out his tongue licked intimacy Lu Ling Xi chin. Yan is squatting cage installed in front of the big black big black look, Xu Yan is recognized more of its benefactor, big black Actually, I'm calling out, it is to see the color of the eyes still has a little more vigilant. I heard a young voice, the Yen quietly back, but did not expect to be directly on the land Lingxi smile. Ling Xi Lu eyes closed, his hands clutching his mother crying as if in front looks. Lu Ling Xi is holding a small water bottle to store water the flowers, there is no time to pay him any heed. "The doctor did you say, my son, why do not wake up?" Wang Shuxiu Liu Mei stood, pulled the doctor would not let him go. Ye Kang: "......" Lu Ling Xi slightly surprised a moment, but it is shaking his head, explains: "is a variation." He has thought well, in which a little knowledgeable customer say these plants mutated. In case if the other asking specific hybridization process, he could not be too troublesome.

That sound good fall color the ears, his eyes suddenly deep, will be determined to see the landing Ling Xi, inside emotions like ocean waves crest. Because the plant is too lush rainforest which rarely see the sun, initially suited the past, Lu Ling Xi soon got used to the inside environment. Reach into the head, in addition to trees and vines wound staggered towering, more of epiphytic algae, moss and a variety of ferns. These normally inconspicuous covered with plants around the trunk and branches, as if covered with a thick green carpet. In addition to colors in addition to beautiful flowers, occasionally unknown animal rustling climb, the whole rainforest exhibit a mysterious and unpredictable beauty.Crotonic Acid The more color from the body pulled out a dagger, stand in front of Lu Ling Xi, alert look to the direction of the black disappears, frowning:. "There might be snakes." . "I was in a small restaurant" Lu Ling Xi is very happy, "but ......" He hesitated and said: "? Today is Mama peak brother to dinner, Yan brother do you want to come over."

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