Methyl Crotonate

Andrzej puzzled, "the boss you're going to move out from the Yin family? If you're not ready resident here, I would recommend is to find a hotel apartment just fine. Fengcheng environment is not very good, the perennial haze, where the house is not much investment value. "his identity is more assistant Yan, immediately enter the work state, everything from the color of interest. Black obedient to go along with Fang Lei, Lu Ling Xi Yan hurried to wash their hands more, gained brought the grapes showed him eat. Yen more surprised to see the grapes, long really is fast. This store will be nobody, nothing too busy Lu Ling Xi, simply accompany Yan more talking. Yan Yan Shihui on the sea level and a lot of attitude, "where you went?"

If he now put teenagers lie on the bus, regardless of whether he left the band. Is not he can put in juvenile detention side, since then except that he will not have anyone to touch the boy. Just imagine this scenario, the Yen now to wait for them to drag on juvenile car, his uncontrollable wanted to touch him, wanted to occupy | to have him want to juvenile genuineness of a person belongs only to him. But he can not and will not bear. What are the consequences of doing so is, Ye Kang has made it very clear. People are social animals by nature, he was forced to go against the juvenile nature, the consequences could be extremely devastating. Lu Ling Xi eyes light up, Fang Lei smiled and then said:. "Who I am is a big black father do" "Fang Lei?" Cub dissatisfaction kick his foot, "Go, I also graduated from high school." Lu Ling Xi: "......" Yen against the balcony railing to see more quietly landing Ling Xi, although now full hands juvenile black mud, his face did not seem to care even a little rub, clothes are simple t-shirts, trousers, also sets out a some years old coat, but now he is like a teenager. Intense feelings of heart surging, more Yan gentle eyes, walked over and squatted on the side of Ling Xi Lu. "You say they will not stay with ......" Pickup landing men on the look of a water sample mock up counseling. Lee saw the uncle anxious, more directed at Yan Li uncle nodded, "has been that good, he began to work tomorrow."

Lu Ling Xi try swaying the body for a long time, no matter how he moved, the panel will follow him to move along. Is the future of the white panel on this should have been followed him? Is there any way to make it disappear? This idea just flashed in my mind, Lu Ling Xi surprised to see him in front of a white panel missing. He blinked, tempted to think, "appear" in front of nothing. "Panel appears", or nothing. He tried to recall the panel looks in mind, this time white panel appears again. Mother and two dinner is not complicated, Wang Shuxiu fry an egg tomatoes, I bought half a chicken, and mixed with a dish, porridge boil point. Simple meal family style meal, but to do it by the Wang Shuxiu looked fabulous. Especially her scrambled eggs tomatoes, sweet and very refreshing. Lu Ling Xi on tomatoes, drank three bowls of porridge. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu holding arm, whispered scoff the sentence, "the little bastard." Lu Ling Xi quickly packed up things and went to the big black wall. Wang Shuxiu looked at his back, thinking the Yen also headed Queenan mind somewhat pleased, speaking privately with Xiao Feng can not help a bit worried. Ye Kang said bluntly, frowning slightly more color, subconsciously look to Lu Ling Xi. Konishi Although the lips do not say, to improve the very heart of the environmental value. Ye Kang said he does not want to combat these land Lingxi enthusiasm. Besides Kang Ye do not know plants can evolve, if the speed of evolution of plants over pollution speed Fengcheng, Fengcheng even if no way to completely avoid pollution, but also can absorb all the pollution and exhausted, try to maintain the status quo azure clear water. Lu Ling Xi unconsciously look to the window, suddenly opening their eyes. In front of Building III, willow trees planted inside the cell overnight, out of the green buds. Morning breeze blowing, graceful branches light dance in the air, spring color dangling. He quickly wash well, I opened the balcony door and ran out. Backyard ground, clusters of grass emerge from the ground. Golden Morninghope, carved dew, soft-colored grass, these are intertwined, makes good mood no reason again. "real or fake?" Lu Ling Xi discharged when the possessor of left field spider sister. Pots Chlorophytum raised by his great foliage Shuzhan Qing Cui dripping with the words of Tian sister to see a feel good mood. Tian sister like Lu Ling Xi also pleased. It was he raised pots Chlorophytum pot plants first, he helped found as a major contributor to the white panel, pots Chlorophytum has a very special significance in the land Lingxi heart. If he had too many things piecemeal, they rely on him and Wang Shuxiu with two things and then really take hold Chlorophytum not go back, Lu Ling Xi can not bear to leave it. Andrzej one, that is what is important thing, once playing the spirit. "what's up?" Lu Ling Xi: "......"

Lu Ling Xi lips bent a faint smile, and so the color one to one to chat up. I do not know how long, Wang Shuxiu pounding on the door to remind him go to bed early, she would go to bed. Ling Xi Lu some confusion promised a cry, rapid heart suddenly jumped up bang bang bang. He did not understand how it happened, but obviously you want to go out to accompany Yan Big Brother chat will be days, why do bad things like the same. No one will be the effort, Wang Shuxiu hallway sounded footsteps. Ling Xi landing due to be discharged, Wang Shuxiu deliberately in front of the hospital to buy a lot of fruit. During this time the people inside did little to ward care Lu Ling Xi, especially Tian sister, Wang Shuxiu do something mind to think.Methyl Crotonate Darkness faded, morning dawn, sleeping the night of the city began to wake up. Yan snuffed the hands of the smoke, a comfortable bubble bath. Six o'clock, he appeared dressed in the downstairs restaurant. He had just a small stone in the afternoon back to the spirit of water village, a small stone on the rack to look for grandma. Ling Xi Lu Xiaojuan listened to the words of the line and the sleeves are up, the results of Dong grandmother life and death fight to keep stopping that fight also remember the first row, just come back how small stones have to be looking hard, call a few days. Lu Ling Xi look like small stones, a few days later estimated to mix. A yellow touches because it was Grandma Dong boast and boast. Dong grandmother did not previously agree to raise A small yellow stone, this did not opinions, but also to buy the bones is barrier kennel, A yellow straight to their home as benefactor. Noisy afternoon until the evening and only then the Yen Lu Ling Xi Ling from the water back from the village.

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