Disperse Dyestuff

Small black snake "hiss" sound, Yan tail grabbing the opportunity to carry it up. Yan small black snake tail was more tugging, trying to explore the body wants more hooked Yan wrist, but how out of reach. Yan see of it writhing like stupid, silent for a long while, he promised down. Yen more calmly punch landing Ling Xi nodded, eyes slightly lowered, Lianqu where emotions. Speaking at Dulin and adolescents feel comfortable to be together, he could not wait to put teenagers abducted from in the house, he saw a man. Unfortunately, he could not. Hold back the hearts desire clamor, the color returned to look as usual, it looks like nothing happened. Black in the bathroom was hot Xunde faint, the color did not immediately leaned over such a hold on the shoulder and fell from Yan Lu Ling Xi's arms.

Lu Ling Xi put away the phone and look to the window, under the greater the rain outside, like a horizon torn a hole in the water as it was down. The road has no pedestrian, and occasionally a car opened, also opened very slowly, Huangyou through micro-gardening. So long the Yen has not come back, do not know trapped in there, Lu Ling Xi little anxious up. "Rain? No, this almost a month, did not see the raindrops." The driver categorically denied. Yan Ling Xi widening landing, he explained: "This little monkey is no malice, Konishi since you should be able to feel what it reminds the front, for security reasons before we leave here." Listen opposite hang up the sound, the more closed Yen good phone but it is wide awake. Small lapse six months, he again tasted the taste of insomnia. Tossing and turning, the more color and lit a cigarette stand to the window. Long time no smoke, there is in Fengcheng Lu Ling Xi tube, and he almost quit smoking. If the teenager knew he was carrying his smoking, it is estimated will seriously harm him say again cigarettes. Yan thought the more serious expression Teenager, silent smile, simply to twist off the hands of the smoke. Seeing Lu Ling Xi walked away, shaking his head sigh Tian brother, the king of flowers be rain comes. Is a cell, someone we all know what a situation. Wang flowers temper strong, a woman propped up a home, but why not help land a water mud on the wall. Even if there is a son, what can foreland Ling Xi, simply means not on. Who wants to go on Lu Ling Xi gate of hell in a circle, reborn just like it is for a person. Now speaking, everyone says Lu Ling Xi amnesia good, do not think of things in the past to. There are a few jokes, someday own a little bastard can go amnesia. "Keep up." Lu Ling Xi and Fang Lei unison. Ling Xi Lu Yen Vietnam, raising his hand touched the hair, softly:. "Good" Black cries cry, contentedly hooked Yan Yue wrist. Yen Vietnam eyes tightly wound up, motionless together again. Yan in Beijing for more lujia something not very interested in, just to hear the reasons Sulang resigned, suddenly thought of the last micro-gardening gate Sulang mentioned tone when Lu Ling Xi, invisible micro frowned. He seems to feel like Sulang Konishi as a substitute for the Ling Xi Lu, this feeling made him feel uncomfortable.

He said these words, expression is very serious, like a little face plate in the promise of what promises the same. After Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu from the age of three have not seen him look so well-behaved, the moment the smiling Lu Ling Xi pressure in the arms, holding his head and kissed his forehead. They go out, he stuck his neighbors looked at. Lu Ling Xi morning when they met, the young man who was next to Ling Xi Lu? Ling Xi Lu Yan from the eyes to see the trust, crooked eyes, his mind. Small restaurant door, Wang Shuxiu too happy to stand there, the attitude is very cold. Lu Ling Xi somewhat apologetic, more Yen really like big black does, he will be sure that the large black-yourself at home. Touched the big black head, Lu Ling Xi casually: "? Black Do you remember the color of it, he did not see you today, do you want him ah." Poor fit, leaves home, the Li family ...... more than a dozen large and small are trying to win this project consortium, on the whole project quotes soared. With the increasing amount, he gradually withdrew from the consortium have competition, and finally left the Cape together and leaves home in contention. The more color a deep breath, opened the door of the car. Lu Ling Xi behaved stood in front of him, the more color circle juvenile impulse to hold back in his arms, rubbed his hand forced his hair, trying to stay on top of Dong Qi breath all erased. He finished, exaggerated leaf Kang made a reassuring look, the more color and Lu Ling Xi watched laughed. Wore a fervent crowd of sight into three small restaurants, large black was left on the outside of the car. Small restaurant guests more and more, Lu Ling Xi began consciously not with a big black out small restaurants. Although he knew very large black healthy, no bacteria but also clean, but it is inevitable that guests will not mind this, only wronged big black. Coincided with the red, the color stopped, rubbed his land to explore passed, Ling Xi's hair, softly: "how?" Yinyong De life on such a daughter, take her is not do nothing. She was so much noise much, only sullen and said:. "I have more about the Arab dinner at noon, specifically how to deal with it depends on the idea of ​​the Arab"

Inside into a quiet, only occasionally large black whispered sobbing loudly. Yen falls on the more obscure the line of sight of the teenager's body, stretch juvenile look, sitting quietly beside him. The window is free rock landscape, both within the window is closed a dog world. Without the hustle and bustle outside, in addition to the world of the complex plane, the color of the eyes of the only juvenile clean smile. His heart slowly precipitates down, enjoying this rare quiet. Remark out when there is an abnormal heart Yan more relaxed. He can find out a lot or clever or clumsy excuse to fool the boy, he would not assured juvenile suspect, but he uttered the most realistic reason. He had wanted only to stay around like a teenager, but now he has been satisfied with a unilateral desire, he wants juvenile response.Disperse Dyestuff "Then change it clouds limestone, the store has to sell it?" Ye Kang smiled and nodded and followed the two men into the micro-gardening. Gardening micro environment, as always, good, Ye Kang intoxicated took a deep breath. Fengcheng last left him miss the most is that the air inside the micro-gardening. Although Beijing in winter haze will be less, but the perennial moderately polluted air or let him often feel a kind of shortness of breath. "Konishi here or a good environment." Ye Kang heartfelt laments.

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