Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

"Want what?" The old man to see if he did not speak, ask the sentence. Eat a meal already at eight o'clock. Li Ling Xi Lu uncle as early as when they come to help them burn better kang. This time should burn brightly, Li Yan uncle asked to go back to remember the more add charcoal, he has settled in, just outside the room. His attitude and good, Wang Shuxiu not good then people rush out, it made them stay in the room, holding his own mug to go outside to do the dishes.

Lu Ling Xi put down the hands of the kettle, explained:. "Du sister home, this time I will be in the store." Since the Yen answered the phone has been left for several hours, Ling Xi Lu looked at the time, the more time thinking about Yan said'll be right back down, then, his brow slightly wrinkled up. Hang Ling Xi Yi landing standing on the roadside to pull a red light, pointing to the front of the car suddenly exclaimed. He hung up the phone, and Ling Xi Lu and Yan Yue said loudly. Yan is not the micro-gardening, Xue went through there. High Yongliang with begonias refined oil out of the configuration of the first perfume, specially invited Yan to see more samples. Lu Ling Xi listen that night to go for big black flower garden, the Yan readily agreed down, so Ling Xi Lu in the store waiting for him, he'll be right back. Just Yanyue Gang hang soon, the sky darkened suddenly, without warning, a heavy rain poured down. All of a sudden lightning, pedestrians have to avoid walking down the street in the rain quickly build up. The fertilizer Ling Xi Lu and touched a panel of law to meet the individual needs of the plant, he can get a little heart of the plant, but like planting pansy flower beds so that the panel is not a single pansy calculation, but a flower bed as a whole, can be a whole heart ten plants. Lu Ling Xi morning was responsible for five flower beds, the end result is worth enough to take care of his spider plant for months. "Luk stadium thing you can rest assured that I'll let you arrange here Phone ......" Ye Yan Kang has always stood the side of the Yen phrase some outrageous words like did not hear the same. He gulped down the hands of the water, the bottles toward the trash can to throw the past, perfectly thrown into the bucket, then he asked: "?? How do you intend to remain in the Fengcheng"

Lu Ling Xi look too clean, looked Wang Shuxiu look innocent. Wang Shuxiu a "little bastard" to the mouth, stunned life and life Yanhui stomach, to "hungry?" Bamboo is a classification Joe undergraduate, also known as bamboo, only a wide range and rapid growth.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff He say, Wang Shuxiu immediately agreed down. But Wang Shuxiu not have time to collect food, Lu Ling Xi thought the easy route. Anyway, easy route to recover also recover, usually in addition to the flower garden to have nothing to do. Zheng Wei sigh and white discharge before he was sent away at home, a repair to learn, to learn a cook, and the rest of his busy day flower garden things, it is easy to Hang a person doing nothing. Yan slightly more vertical eye, watching the juvenile upturned face looked attentively at his expression. He likes the current position, like a circle, like the teenager in his world.

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