Solvent Dyestuff

"Let's go back." Yan more scowled suddenly he said. Lu Ling Xi slept all the way this case has been completely sober him, he jumped out of the car carries the package, with a curious look to the face of this country's largest area of ​​China, the best preserved, is also the highest biodiversity of pristine tropical rainforest. Yan seemed more random: "You did not eat at noon, right?"

"Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi!" She put sufficient momentum, Lu Ling Xi is still unwilling to let go, "I do not want to go to school, I want to work." Ya Yin grabbing mesh bow made a docile appearance, Yin Seiran look in the eyes of some for her grievances, to appease the Ya Yin patted hand, dissatisfaction: "A more, you do not see here in Ajaccio ?" Several people about taking a seat in the corner of the room suddenly sounded soon majestic growl. Xiao Hong immediately laughed and explained:. "Do not worry, the family raised the Tibetan mastiff Shaw million come." Xiao Hong turned to call a cry. Lu Ling Xi first two questions I do not know, but in the end he had the feeling that a question should be negative. If the panel of origin belong to this body, the heart of the long end of the plant is unlikely to be zero. If the panel can not belong to the original owner of this body, and that all of this in the end is how the same thing? He carefully recall woke up a lot of experience, mind could not help give birth to a ridiculous idea. Yan Yan Yongde more alienation let a little sad, then sigh, "Ah more, the thing you have any plans? Or want to go back ......" Father somewhat embarrassed, not knowing what to say things psychiatrist, afraid to stimulate Yen to Vietnam. "Want what?" White panel quickly surfaced, wild Chunlan successful treatment, the heart of the plant reward +1. Lu Ling Xi nodded, he worried, but also thinking would be easy route phone calls, make yourself an easy route to pick.

Fang Lei badly sleepy, small gray eyes closed grabbed the neck, it into a quilt hug in the arms, cajole, said: "Small gray Stop it, I know you're eating these days eat cats canned tired , so I have to sleep together you get the fish dry ...... ...... " "Well, you wait." A word of apology, wind, big black ears pricked up, looked out his tongue licked intimacy Lu Ling Xi chin. He did not want to defy Wang Shuxiu kindness touched the belly, well, although a little support, but forbearance and tolerance or longer to eat a chicken leg. He says random, Wang Shuxiu immediately dissatisfaction: "What are you too I'm older?" Lu Ling Xi while opening, "Yan brother was looking for you." With his choice OK, there has been a period of meandering rivers on a white panel. Color rivers appear black, his range is just planted these bitter grass range. With ecological communities willow example, Lu Ling Xi new ecological communities is not new. Perhaps the difference between solid and liquid soil water, and ecological communities is not as bitter grass willow ecological communities formed as a direct purification of soil underground, but the effect of the evolution of water + 50%. "Thirty million." Father leaves quietly last placards.

"How? Does not taste good?" Lu Ling Xi surprised, big black appetite is four buns, two fundamental enough to eat. Yen, etc. The more things packed, Lu Ling Xi also large black and almost affectionate. He was a bit embarrassed to see more color, more color in the toes kissed his face. Yan laughed more, big hands covered in Lu Ling Xi's head, rubbed his spoiled.Solvent Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi nodded and did not say what to do, the more color meeting, he quietly watching the Yen sat on the side of the sofa. "Of course!" Yan affirmed the road.

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