High-wash Dyestuff

"Do not look, or else do not go home to eat chicken." "Well, I can rest assured that this thing is over I will try to please a big black and A Huangshen recognition, is also let them contribute to white." In the silent insistence Yen Lu Ling Xi compromise. His big black Lakaichemen schematically on the bus first, was about to follow up, the more sideways Yan opened the front door, and said: "Sit in front of it, some chaos behind."

The night will soon be over, the more color is almost a sleepless night. Because Lu Ling Xi lying in his arms, and dependent on the love. Yen more reluctant to move, afraid of waking Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi fear of affecting the rest. He is careful and almost reverently holding the arms of people, and my heart is full of happiness. Wang Shuxiu laugh listening laughed, readily Ling Xi Lu in the head a slap shot. "Little bastard would say nice. Do you feel good and live with me, so you have a wife estimated that respect me too unsightly." This time ...... Wang Shuxiu sighed a few days beating Lu Ling Xi tone then. Anyway, no matter from leave, she will not dig for land and water a penny. Thought of this, Wang Shuxiu quickly find the house real estate license. The last time she forced water landing a name to the house of Ling Xi Lu, Lu is the fear of a lost dog eat dog fight water house idea. She will also be bidding Lu Ling Xi few, do not be a land and water that the old bastard lied to the house to sell. Shui Ling Xi Lu Yen more leaning out of the hall, he was afraid to catch cold Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi did not dare to directly take out, first find the land Lingxi coat wrapped him tightly, with only Lu Ling Xi go to the parking lot. Lu Ling Xi way are very obedient, side with Yan Yue in obediently. They got into the car, the more help Lu Yan Ling Xi wearing a seat belt, Lu Ling Xi stared unblinkingly watching the Yen. The more he looked at Yan mind a move, pinching his chin and kissed him one, softly: "? See what" Yanshi Hui and many people have the same idea. Fengcheng is now a glittering big pie, no one wants to bite on the bite. Yan came back only two days more, I heard a lot of familiar names Fengcheng ready to enter the real estate sector. Yan also remember the first time he was six years old when insomnia. That parents have moved away from the Yen, the huge home only his housekeeper and there are several helpers. Despite the bad feelings before parents have been separated, so-called family lived together only a formality, but that night, facing the empty house, the Yen still had a kind of feeling of being abandoned completely his parents. All night, the Yen did not sleep, but holding the pillow in the living room to sit dawn, the early housekeeper startled. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu listening to reason and my heart happy, but also angry a mouth, "This is what time to eat." Yan leaning against the checkout counter, watching the landing Lingxi slightly out of God. Juvenile plants every time when, are particularly soft look, a kind of indescribable feeling. He remembered Uncle Lee Ling Xi Lu evaluation of natural flavor, but also he likes to get close to the taste. Black comfortable squint a blind eye, curled up from the body, lying in bed Lu Ling Xi.

Big black breath seemed serious thought, slowly raised his right paw on Lu Ling Xi palm.

Yinyong De hang up the phone helpless sigh, a rotor, the Yen was standing behind him. "Xiao Feng do not like?"High-wash Dyestuff Yen more frowned, stepped forward hauled a small black tail and threw it in the kang. Small black snake seems to be very comfortable, a little bit moved to the white picket fence, it is the intention of maybe just a few laps around happily, results going around to itself into a knot untied. Brother Lee also understand his concerns, he did not embarrass him directly agreed. It really is not that look, but put together a gap immediately came out.

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