"Yes, you really forget." Easy route to react with a sigh, "second last time and I also say that if you can think of the youngest and more good things in the past." Yan Jie to help him make the investigation Beijing lujia information, it does not hide it Ye Kang. In fact, it leaves a stack of information Kang also a lot of power, there are some things too long or leaves of Kang helped found. Before Kang Ye have asked Yan Yue, Yan did not say anything more. Ye Yan Kang although I think the behavior and Lu Ling Xi can not avoid, but how this matter can not be linked to the boy and Fengcheng. But rather that he had just heard a message, some suspect that is not heard in advance what color the sound of the wind. Wang Shuxiu put down the heart, "Yan and the more your partner is the man, right?"

"Konishi come." Wang Shuxiu fried dish asked one. Yan Ling Xi Lu with the original four at Fengcheng purify the soil, planting willow specifically looking for soil purification, as is so big one day and willow related, but apparently things are going better than he expected. Lu Ling Xi bit surprised, "When it comes to the end of August is not it? Now have the beginning of September, so it does not matter it has been on vacation?" Time before dinner, Xiao Feng cake was placed in a windowsill, heard and went to stand up and end. He took a felt wrong, some weight too light. Xiao Feng in a circle until a look, black tie being wrapped in cream cake to eat Huan, got left out of a whole cake empty shells, which are fundamental to the black emptied. Cub dissatisfaction kick his foot, "Go, I also graduated from high school." Plant survival degree: High Qiu Tian gas to death, his business adventures for many years, a return to God thinks guessed how it was. What kind of leadership do not like to give him Zhibuding Which competitors behind the mischief. Such a thought he would find that people find out in the end is how, finally asking him out, may result is contrary to his expectations. Really really someone robbed him of his business, but the other was not that he wanted a few competitors, but only a few acres of a small flower garden gardening shop. Lu Ling Xi consciously skip the game, focus on the top accounting software and online shop. He knew software, accounting software can also listen to the name probably know what it is. However, the online shop can also sell these plants and flowers do? Lu Ling Xi a packed his things, other family members in the ward, and he read it.

"What?" Ye Kang cheer, feel the color so late he must find there is a serious thing. Who knows Yen pauses for a few seconds more, hesitated and said: "? Kang, if a man says he was dead, and that he is in fact another person, you think this is what happens." That night, with the patient ward 17 of the notice can be discharged the next day, the whole ward people are very happy. To the point of sleep on weekdays and has not been sleeping, we are excited together chatting. Lu Ling Xi also for patient 17 was pleased, the other is a big and tall man, we call him Laoding. Ward Lu Ling Xi Min, also the only one who does not need to shout and shout Laoding Dingo. Outside of these dialogues with the wind off the land Lingxi floated into the ears, he listened laughed again. The phrase is a fool like to live in an environment good poke Lu Ling Xi, also may be a lot of people do not like to fool even money. The thought flashed, Ling Xi Lu thought of those who songjiazhuang. While plastics factory closed its doors, the Spirit River pollution may have caused. Today he called to flowerbed, but I heard the Spirit River water level rise, flooding songjiazhuang patch to do. Among other things, the plot of land songjiazhuang short time can not be planted. Thought of this, Lu Ling Xi little sigh, do not know songjiazhuang people will not regret it? Yen more dark dark eyes, interrupted statements are men, Chen Sheng said:. "Today, this first, what do you continue tomorrow." Some people speak angrily, while people around laughed. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu eyes never left, followed by a nod, "is that some wronged." As a graduate student Hua Guonong industry, QiuJun not idiot, but there's real materials. The pot is that he and his father picked together, whether plant type or color of the leaves are excellent, definitely the best group of garden inside. Twenty minutes later, the Yen Ling Xi Lu drove to the door. During this time he sooner or later pick-Ling Xi Lu, from time to time to be in front of Wang Shuxiu perimeter. Wang Shuxiu from the default start now to occasionally to say hello and the Yen, the attitude has become increasingly softened. Such a long time did not wait until the talk Yen, Ye Kang asked one, "how? Bad mood? Ya Yin is not yet out of the unitary moths what?" "Little son of a bitch."

Ye Kang think he could be scared to death of the Father, heard some frustration, he said: "What? Grandpa wanted to" Lu Ling Xi thought, but also that he may want more.Ciclopirox Wang Shuxiu not happy, "how can we not worry! Two men together, you know ......" Xiao Feng laughed, a more meaningful look Yan, Wang Shuxiu to say:. "Rest assured, no black poison, it was old, even the teeth are just grow out of nothing."

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