High-light Dyestuff

Andrzej quipped, "the boss drives his own car, I'm afraid I will be excited bad break." The key is, with the increase in urban population of Fengcheng, garbage also increased several times. Dumping garbage greatly exceeded the carrying amount of landfill, a direct result of not timely disposal, mosquitoes breed, stinking people, affecting the surrounding natural environment. Spring of this year, new leadership took the first initiative of this garbage dump is to move to the suburbs, where he created a new environmentally sound waste disposal sites. "I think me and the dog can be considered a little fate. But never mind, I can see it quite like you, you adopt it good, too. I just can not take the liberty to ask you a contact, I would like to have time to go look at it. "

Lu Ling Xi out of the side door of the ward a few people sigh up, this child is really pitiful. So many days in hospital, in addition to Wang Shuxiu not seen other relatives. Wang Shuxiu listen to the tone of the child is also a father, a father can not as there is not, neither money nor contribute to, looks like Wang Shuxiu their mother's feelings is not good. To say that they are beginning a little frown Wang Shuxiu, especially several female family members, I think Wang Shuxiu not serious. But a long time together, but found that Wang Shuxiu dress outrageous that people are not really as they want. Although Wang Shuxiu especially rude to speak, and doctors and nurses often quarrel, but still very Ling Xi Lu got the idea. Think of a woman she is not easy, not everyone Wang Shuxiu Attempt to start so have opinions. Lu Ling Xi looked at the old man's appearance could not help laughing laughed, I feel this child likeable enough, but the name how to feel a little familiar, it seems where heard. Where is it? Old people, memory to die. Grandfather in earnest at the door of the blackboard and wrote a few words visitor Lu Ling Xi, then turned back to the cabin to go read the newspaper. Yan looked at him the more refreshing look, eyes washes out the layers smile, softly: "I'll pick you up." He finished just hold the hand of nature Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi some did not react, has been he took the car. They did not sit in the front but are crowded in the back seat. Yan Yue explained that fear was coming back late, they saw the car was scared, rear glass is black, just to cover the two figure. Fengcheng micro-gardening Yan glanced at the time, asked: "? It is far from the station." See Lu Ling Xi Tong Xue reaction is not the first time, the juvenile obviously do not know who he is. Yen more some remorse, he is busy these days some, taking the time today to be able to spend time with teenagers. He did not pay attention to the place, young people are not really a point guard. Lu Ling Xi hand hold her, I could feel Wang Shuxiu body tremble. He was afraid of the ruthless Wang Shuxiu gas, poor health, softly:. "I'm looking for a job, then I support you." "Hissing." Black looked up the protest. In front of the traffic is restarted, the lips bent Yan, Lu Ling Xi saw a smiling, he stepped on the foot throttle towards the direction of home.

"Yan brother?" Lu Ling Xi whispered cry. Uncle Lee laughed, some feel the color of the little doll look too tight. Lu Ling Xi clinging to the kitchen door at her ingratiating smile, Wang Shuxiu did not get his way, "the garlic mixed with eggplant, right? I'll wait to buy eggplant." Peak brother looked very happy vegetables studio head, just received yesterday the first crop of vegetables on Baba boss sent flowers to the results just by heavy rain trapped in there. But wondering cub, estimated peak brother kinda grateful heart heavy rain, anxious to keep it a big rain falls. A few minutes later, the principal of the school personally Luguang Jing sent to the school gate. Some time ago Luguang Jing contacting schools intend donated an indoor stadium, the school outside of donation is very welcome, accompanied Luguang Jing president personally visited the school several times. Lu home school thing is not clear, but faintly heard Eleven years ago lujia children went to school here, and later dropped out because of health reasons. Today, the child died, the family wanted to do something to commemorate the child. "Kunlun? Queenan you go up? Yan more with you?" Fang Lei seems to be very surprised. Look no more talk Yen, Ye Kang asked the sentence, "You is not heard nothing?" Lu Ling Xi some uncomfortable away his face, looked Wang Shuxiu slight laugh. Neither of them noticed Lu Ling Xi do not know when to wake up, all the way to the silence of carrying a large black, had made no movement. Black Ling Xi Lu quietly licking fingers, wet eyes look gentle landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi tightened hand, facing a large black exposed shallow smile. She did not say behind the words, but the meaning is very clear. This time Wang Shuxiu nothing to do, it does not go to a small restaurant every day, stay at home and read a lot of information about homosexuality. Initially Wang Shuxiu disagree Ling Xi Lu Yan and more together, but seeing no way to separate the two of them, she was in default while also thinking can understand more about the case of two men together. This understanding Wang Shuxiu immediately aware of a problem, and the Yen Ling Xi Lu simply impossible with the spirit of love, just as men and women have each other's bodies produce desire | look, men and men, too.

"How." Two fly angry way, he said, to pluck the leaves from the nearest half of lettuce, wash did not wash his mouth to eat a direct throw. "See, this looks like sprayed medicine?" Two fly Then they continued:. "Tomatoes take over." After a few nights of torment, Lu Ling Xi miracle adapted wards grunt. After a good night's sleep, he got up early, went to the hospital thinking about a small garden behind stroll around.

China National Seismic Network pretty tricky, though never accurately predict an earthquake news, but will come out of China specific coverage within the country as long as the earthquake, basically a few minutes after. But let's face the more unexpected is that this seems to be an exception. He related Seismological Bureau official website posted a number of earthquakes and it looked a long time, do not have any news about the earthquake Fengcheng found. Lu Ling Xi look too clean, looked Wang Shuxiu look innocent. Wang Shuxiu a "little bastard" to the mouth, stunned life and life Yanhui stomach, to "hungry?"High-light Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi before the accident, after which they put to the hospital and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu notified, did not dare to go home these days has been hiding out. A few days ago I heard that day easy route and together they fight people have been arrested, several people under panic to discuss Lu Ling Xi went to the hospital to see a neighboring city Duo Duo. A result, they have not to the hospital by the police to arrest, and a few days off last night to put out, saying it was all right. A few people for a night of rest the next day about the view Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi actually did not expect amnesia. Wang Shuxiu see him affectionately took a slap in the face, "the little bastard was over, waiting for you for quite a while."

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