Ethyl Crotonate

Wang Shuxiu watched him sneer toward a water landing spat loudly around the front: "The people say can not wash your dirty linen in public, I am not afraid of a joke Wang Shuxiu this man is the father of my son, my son was hospitalized so. days, he not only did not take a look, but also stole my son's life-saving money out of gambling. stealing money, he said he still misses the TV drama point hospital deposit, to lie to my son discharged water you land a TM to shame! " Ling Xi Lu Yan guessed the idea of ​​mind could not help Shenran. But he always vertical landing Ling Xi, Lu Ling Xi as long as everything is happy enough, do not go to school on really does not matter. He said that is full of color, hear the howl from the village found Gouzi trouble until the dogs surrounded the plastics plant them out to save people, the story is simply twists and turns, ups and downs, and sometimes even several police officers around could hear into fan.

Yan see of his way not soft-hearted, Couguo grab landing Lingxi kissed several times. "That a deal, I'll give them a few Fang Lei Kang and call." Lu Ling Xi nodded, holding a large black ran back. He was just casually talk about the results of a turn on the lights to find a note stuck on the living room table, Wang Shuxiu left a dinner in the refrigerator. The little boy turned to see Lu Ling Xi, round yo big eyes rolled, curious to ask: "? The big black dog is your dog do brother" Yan eyebrow more seriously consider: "The? Knocked me out." Yan looked at him the more refreshing look, eyes washes out the layers smile, softly: "I'll pick you up." He finished just hold the hand of nature Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi some did not react, has been he took the car. They did not sit in the front but are crowded in the back seat. Yan Yue explained that fear was coming back late, they saw the car was scared, rear glass is black, just to cover the two figure. Ling Xi Lu eyes closed, ears buzzed just feel terrible quarrel. I do not know the aftermath of the surgery, his head was like a see-saw saw about as faint stinging. Lu Ling Xi struggling want raised his hand, seems less limbs obey his command, he exhausted all the strength, only slightly moved his index finger. Having a large black, Ling Xi Lu was about to find keys, open the door from the inside, Wang Shuxiu strange looking at him, "how to come back so early today?" Lu Ling Xi looked around with interest, did not find that big yellow dog. "A yellow it?" Poor co-movement of these no hidden Yan Yue, he soon knew by Ya Yin Wei Lu Lu Ann Father catch opportunities. Father Lu probably optimistic Rubescens this project, said that it would take the initiative to get a new drug helped Yin Ya certificate. In the meantime, Ya Yin Xiang Board applied for a sum of money, ready to be used as new drug promotion costs. All this in a foreign country, although far Yanshi Hui know, but the details are not clear. Ya Yin He never expected to be so bold, dare to holding study of semi-finished fool the board.

Plant needs: water Yan Fang Lei have not seen in Vietnam, and he found Konishi is what I do for you? Su grandfather and Sulang in hospital for a while and left. Wang Shuxiu also pick up something ready to go, she is a director of KTV, unlike during the day, at night it is the customer more things and more time. He walked a little anxious, more positive face down in the trunk finishing the pots, and sometimes did not notice the back of someone. Lu Ling Xi by the past, the more color about to get up, raising his hand to feel his elbow hit something, then heard Lu Ling Xi heard a low hum.

Lu Yan Ling Xi schematically see of the living room a few tables on the box. "It is?" Yan more vaguely guessed anything, but is afraid to confirm. Small black snake just swim along the trunk to the ground, and Ling Xi Lu Yen Vietnam with a large black small courtyard. Both the direction of a dog is a big willow impressively here. Halfway, has been trotting in front of the big black suddenly stopped, stand in front of the two, bared teeth toward the front sent a threatening growl. Ling Xi Lu Yan and the more robust, carefully look to the direction of the big willow. Dark winter nights earlier, Yan took the flashlight around did not see anything.Ethyl Crotonate Both in this matter reached a uniform, did not mean to how. After all, the two older is really big, really hard to say can not be born. Lu Ling Xi nodded and thought of the other end of the Tibetan mastiff's name. "He also raised the Tibetan mastiff to take home one million Mingjiao Xiao." He said that when do not know what the expression, do not know is how the presence of outsiders Xiao Hong's calm face that name.

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