Retinoic acid Tretinoin

A few days ago Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu also discuss, and so the two married after watching the small restaurant area expanded to expand, and then recruit a few staff, Wang Shuxiu or may not be so tired, secure in doing just fine boss. Wang Shuxiu lips do not say anything, his heart was listening pleasure. Her life now is like a dream, put six months ago, which she thought I would live so comfortable. Easy route over the wall came in and saw a large black are eating chicken, while picking up a tomato bite while landing Lingxi shouted:. "The youngest dog in your family life is really good, is to attend a lecture to eat chicken." "......" Lu Ling Xi seriously said: "Really."

Black shook ears, close your eyes to sleep calm. "Konishi." Nurse happy to cry. Fang Lei is really like a big black, this thing is proof of the Black powerful, it is simply called the nose radar. Since the last out of a force of nature, he has been to find ways to not collect any point a force of nature. But now it actually owes disposable panel five-point force of nature. Luckily rubescens finally evolved, although the panel does not prompt rubescens evolutionary direction. Lu Ling Xi carefully put rubescens pots placed behind the cash register, ready to take home at night to the Yen. Lin Mei Wang Shuxiu for some worry, Wang Shuxiu touches does not matter. But rather heard Xiao Feng Lin Mei Wang Shuxiu helped to introduce objects, three times a day to run a small restaurant inside. He did not say anything, that is, with leisurely around in Wang Shuxiu, watching what manual labor to helping a hand. Sometimes many guests, or guests there are people who know, Xiao Feng also never taboo, look out calmly greeted, did not know people still think Xiao Feng small restaurant is to open his own. Lu Ling Xi accustomed to the big black each time after his questioning would call out, this suddenly silent, he lengleleng reaction was over. Black looked serious expression, he was carrying a large black Puchi laughed. Laugh Lu Ling Xi feel that they want more, more, and he is not the same color, as well as his own work. Yan is now the only vacation time every day just to stay in the store, and so leave the Yen ending, micro gardening still left him alone. To say he had a large black accompanied, in fact, not have to face her brother to stay in the store. Sitting in front of the store chair, Lu Ling Xi feel the slightest chill, looking out through the window on the ground splashes. A sudden braking, a black Jaguar parked in pet shops across the doorway. The door is opened, a man holding what vaguely out of the car, into the pet shop. Thought flashed, Sulang already anxiously asked: "how will it die??" Wang Shuxiu watched him sneer toward a water landing spat loudly around the front: "The people say can not wash your dirty linen in public, I am not afraid of a joke Wang Shuxiu this man is the father of my son, my son was hospitalized so. days, he not only did not take a look, but also stole my son's life-saving money out of gambling. stealing money, he said he still misses the TV drama point hospital deposit, to lie to my son discharged water you land a TM to shame! "

Hang Yi came in, Wang Shuxiu would sneer. Little bastard just discharged do not remember anything, even looking for work, which it so easy to find, this is certainly easy route to help the busy little bastard. Black more pity. Of course, the beginning is not the case, that would be heard this shabby cell was also spotted inside the house you want to buy, and the price is not low for many people excitedly regard the house to sell, have We went to a nearby opening of the new residential buy elevator room. After selling the house who did not regret I do not know, but those who bought a house in a no regret, feel worth it. There are a lot of people want to buy more sets, we should live with his family to take over, but now the cell housing is very tight, and nothing when people are willing to sell the suckers. Lu Ling Xi has long been explained it, with well-behaved around in Wang Shuxiu cry of "uncle." After washing in the morning Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu also use a bag of tomatoes for a near neighbor of two Chinese cabbage back. Look landing Lingxi packed almost, Wang Shuxiu think of one thing, "dumplings at home at night, you eat a meal more shouting Yan. Yan this time has been more trouble, nothing can be grateful." Yan more simply: "We are together to promote micro-gardening in the name of science and technology companies." I do not know who shouted, Lu Ling Xi back to God, looked at the distant bookstore across the street signboard characters, mind temporarily pressure down.

Wang Shuxiu to house no opinion, can a chess room next door is a bit not happy. Peak brother said is well-intentioned, peak brother listen to the meaning of such a small restaurant also has a fixed customer base, chess room of people just eat at her small restaurant. Wang Shuxiu heart some diaphragm should land a water day and night had mixed chess room did not come home, she was angry to think someday land a water starved out to do. Those who want the card room and maybe there will be families like her mind. She is now the restaurant open in the chess room next door, it is not convenient for them to go home, not waiting to be backbite it? Easy route his father was a small shed outside a cell inside playing poker, he looked up to see the easy route, surprised to have forgotten his cards out.Retinoic acid Tretinoin Lu Ling Xi somewhat uneasy frowned, shook his paw holding a large black, a small channel: "Big black you change cell and white panel is not a relationship?" Yan Yue mouth evoke unconscious, stupid dog.

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