Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

"Stay here put it, such a large flower garden, it casually activities when told Xu three say remember to leave it in the corner every day something to eat on the line." Yan the open road. Yan Enliaoyisheng more, almost like being bewitched went around the land of Ling Xi. A hint of mist around with him, like water immersion of the body, he just felt a moment ears and eyes bright, covered not say comfortable. Since he could not put juveniles locked up, I could do nothing but think of ways to become a unique heart juvenile man.

Yan touches on the more immediate scene does not matter, he had guessed would be, the mother and the emergence of Yin Ya mentally prepared. "Grandfather." "Mother." Yanyue Ping quiet say hello, as Ya Yin directly to the air, glanced at her, she sat across the side of Yan Yongde. Uncle Lee grateful heart, again and again to ensure that he will be optimistic Xu Third, do not let what Xu three dynamic crooked brains. Yan smiled more, he dare not afraid of Xu Xu three three have any thoughts. Lee uncle do not know, the last three Xu Ghost Ship was really a child. Uncle Lee did not even looked at, he did not dare to do. The Yen saw more black with a big past, Xu three legs shake. The more I heard Yan hired him at night in the flower garden the night man, Xu three have been prepared to agree, I heard that to take care of the dogs, who are almost soft. This process is also a former Miss Ling Xi and running-in process Qiu Tian flowerbeds workers. Qiu Tian flowerbeds size is too large, unlike the micro-gardening parterre rely on Uncle Li Xiaojuan and will be able to take care of the need to hire workers from outside. Better to use raw and cooked, the color of the original workers did not make any major adjustments, but dismissed part he felt inappropriate, and the rest are considered good technology, but also honest part. Yen more nodded, "There are a lot of accounting software, but also clear and easy to use, much simpler than handwriting. And no customer, the little west you can also play games to pass the time, so after the right track, but also in online open a shop. " "Yan brother Thank you." Yen against the balcony railing to see more quietly landing Ling Xi, although now full hands juvenile black mud, his face did not seem to care even a little rub, clothes are simple t-shirts, trousers, also sets out a some years old coat, but now he is like a teenager. Intense feelings of heart surging, more Yan gentle eyes, walked over and squatted on the side of Ling Xi Lu. Cub loud booing, "sister-in-law start now govern the Big Brother?" Black obedient to go along with Fang Lei, Lu Ling Xi Yan hurried to wash their hands more, gained brought the grapes showed him eat. Yen more surprised to see the grapes, long really is fast. This store will be nobody, nothing too busy Lu Ling Xi, simply accompany Yan more talking. Thought here, the boss's eyes resting on the side of a quiet sitting Lu Ling Xi body. He kindly rushed Lu Ling Xi smiled, "This is a great nephew of it, we will also be making a family portrait series. Out with the dog, the store has just set pet costume, put on festive celebration to it."

A rare morning to sleep a Lanjue, Lu Ling Xi rubbed his eyes up when Xiao Feng has been with large black outside the lap. As an energetic dog, big black like go for sports. Unfortunately, Lu Ling Xi physically can not keep up, big black and Lu Ling Xi refuses to harm the "self-esteem", followed by Lu Ling Xi rarely enjoy playing, and only the more Yan Xiao Feng and take it out, big black fun to run around . Fengcheng is located in mainland fault seismic zone, from time to time about the earthquake. The locals are used to it, no one seriously. "Ass with money, you can buy a cell environment? Do you smell that air, the park is absolutely standard." "Okay, just two bars Kazakhstan, but also do not bother to change the name." Kang leaves the final word. Xiao Feng smiled, "Did not you say flowers dried beef northwest delicious it, this time more specifically brought you, you keep eating slowly. After not often back home, and those outside to buy is not always feel a taste. " Lu Ling Xi look shy smile. Wang Shuxiu hear he meant do not want to eat out, the moment is not hypocritical, refreshing and said: "My craft also had to go, and if you do not mind peak brother to go home to eat." Lu Ling Xi listened hard to the hand clenched Yan, Yan more smiled and kissed his forehead. "In fact, the house right, leaves home to change, you son live together quite happy."

In which several shop around, Lu Ling Xi favorite across the street to a company called "Angel Baby" pet shop. Pet shop owner was more than 30-year-old man, called Dongzhi. Dongzhi who looks chubby, character and honest honest, being around people dubbed the dough. Every time people around funny Lu Ling Xi, he will help landing Lingxi speak. One to two to go, Lu Ling Xi quickly cooked up with him. Lu Ling Xi is selected, the primary state of willow evolved into a state of movement is not large, so people will not feel like a big earthquake willow had evolved. With Lu Ling Xi determine the root of the willow shall commence to slow growth, in addition to a portion of the bar deepened, and the rest seems to be moving in a fixed place extension. Lu Ling Xi lengleleng, panel status display wrong, willow root part shall extend north towards really, it is just extremely slow.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate "You see, I said all right." Lu Ling Xi whisper of revolt. I, perhaps because of the experience of his physical examination with a subconscious rejection. But his resistance in front of the face that are not used. Yen more rubbed his hair, deep voice with a spoiled, "obedient to see how the doctor said." Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong was childish, then chuckled, quipped: "?. A large black do not eat there gave big black"

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