Crotonic Acid

Ling Xi Lu Yan night to find an excuse for something more, or live here, the more the color. Before going to bed he thought Xiao Hong nodded to his red envelope, which is filled with a thousand dollars actually. Yan Ling Xi Lu accompany the more money sitting on the bed together, not by a point after he laughed. Lu Ling Xi eyes slowly overflow smile, big black hand scratched his chin, deliberately said:. ", The delivery of a left foot." Black came over pet protruding tongue licked finger Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi just laughed, touched its head, "sleep."

Imagine this scenario let Lu Ling Xi's mouth curled unconscious, sleepy on the Bay, the final blurry sleep. Plant needs: water Yan closely follow the line of sight of land Ling Xi, watching large black men in juvenile comfortable narrowed his eyes, his heart is not quite taste. Unlike other industries, Xiao Hong these coal mines have true feelings. He asked to take over the party must be properly disposed inside of workers, in particular to look at the land-water prison. Wang Shuxiu now pregnant with a child, do not say Xiao Feng, Xiao Lu Hung can not put a water back toss Wang Shuxiu. This way, not mine hands who give money who had transferred. Ling Xi Lu Yan guessed the idea of ​​mind could not help Shenran. But he always vertical landing Ling Xi, Lu Ling Xi as long as everything is happy enough, do not go to school on really does not matter. "Ah?" Such a interrupt, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu did not spare some time to answer, first I looked up to the Yen. "Lu Ling Xi, you little son of a bitch, you are born to his aging mother is not mad?" Black whispered cry, inviting Fang Lei legs moving out. Fang Lei chuckle, "want to go back? OK, I'm looking for people to send you back tomorrow again thank you for your master." He said he commanded last saw a large black police send back the first big black micro gardening. The policeman readily agreed down. Black looked at Fang Lei commanded the house locked, and finally saw a small house, followed the police away. Easy route snorted, "the youngest you stupid, this thing is definitely still dealing ah, you forget our former friends?"

Micro-gardening in the evolution of spider plants to cultivate a lot of land Ling Xi and Xue through the opening of the authorization, the two together, by the name of the micro-gardening technology companies, within a short span of one month, even with the external authorization plus direct sales, severely hit the jackpot a fortune. Micro-gardening technology companies through this thing into the eyes of everyone horticultural circles. The explanation is pretty plausible. Xiao Feng speak obscure, in fact, alluding to a land of water do not fly, Lu Ling Xi Yan in the heart of the elders as a kind of role, it is inevitable there will be some dependencies. Wash his face colorful color, three looks very handsome. One teenager is estimated to be the best and Lu Ling Xi relations, the first opening:. "I'm sorry youngest" He is just knew Lu Ling Xi was heavily damaged and amnesia thing, I did not expect such serious consequences. "Fang brother?" But the heart of the plant is no force of nature, the idea flashed, Ling Xi Lu could not help laughing feel too greedy. Last accidentally saved the large flowers Clivia got a little force of nature rewards, and found the effect of natural forces so special, this time he could not help but look up and think really greedy. For him, this strain can save wild Chunlan is already the largest reward. She looked sincere, Tian sister pushed the two did not accept it turned down the fruit. Taking advantage of Lu Ling Xi go to wash room to wash the apple is not, Miss Tian Ling Xi Lu filed with Wang Shuxiu school thing. Black Crimping voice whispered cry. Lu Ling Xi nodded and thought of the other end of the Tibetan mastiff's name. "He also raised the Tibetan mastiff to take home one million Mingjiao Xiao." He said that when do not know what the expression, do not know is how the presence of outsiders Xiao Hong's calm face that name.

Ye Kang ironic smile, "poor health is his brother David Laris safe. You've been in a foreign country do not know the circumstances of their home. Laris Ann you have the impression of it, we have seen a child, thin and small, it is insignificant. Later he had leukemia, his mother gave birth to a child, that is, Lu Ling Xi. leukemia is not required matching consistency of human bone marrow transplant it? it is said that Lu Ling Xi is specifically born to Laris Ann transplanted bone marrow. so many years lujia has raised him at home nor how to see people come out, some time ago I heard Laris Ann's condition has worsened, then I do not know how the surgery when something went wrong. By the way did not resign before Sulang Laris is responsible for security, and I also see Sulang by the time of the accident involved only speech of the post. " Yanshi Hui and felt a surge of good feeling "towards dig around to try."Crotonic Acid Black exudes between the rich aroma of wok and Lu Ling Xi struggling for a while, chose Ling Xi Lu, quietly squatting his feet. Euphemistically the situation they encounter with Lu Ling Xi spoke again, more I thought Yan Lu Ling Xi heard these angry, who knows teenagers listened in turn comforted him. "Did not you say Big Brother Yan environmental value of these Chlorophytum than economic value? Evolution of plants have never been to make money, but to improve the environment. As long as customers buy Chlorophytum evolution after it, is not from our hand where to buy really does not matter. As for those with ordinary Chlorophytum deceive customers horticulture business, the customer is not stupid, certainly taken after discovery will not buy. do bad reputation, then, or ultimately to bear the consequences of their own, we do not required angry. "

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