Disperse Dyestuff

Day off, Lu Ling Xi on the morning of that little knot is not only not reduced, but is heavier. Time arrived at seven, he can not wait to get home. Before he could just pack, the more color on Hanzhu he suggested that they go to the flower garden in the evening trip. Yan reason given is the more legitimate, in Xiaojuan lease contract has been signed, the next step of their preparations for the construction of a greenhouse. Plan in advance to see, by the way also ask Uncle Lee meant. Micro existing greenhouse horticulture some simple, this is not the rise along with them to upgrade. Kang also leaves to hide the color of the more, the more he worried Yan. Those battles Yan Kang never leaves the house saw this, he believed that the more color can handle, but this suddenly came out of Ling Xi Lu, Ye Kang but some do not trust. Accustomed to all kinds of conspiracy theories, always feel Ye Kang Ling Xi Lu appear too coincidental, and the more color the more abnormal reaction, the more the effect of Lu Ling Xi explained to him. Ye Kangsi decided to go to look at Lu Ling Xi. Yen more chuckle, "Ye Kang always wanted a dog, he would come Fengcheng trip a few days, just to find him something to do."

Ye Kang looked like husky laugh again. Unexpected he liked only the Huskies, although obvious that the Huskies on this pair of trousers is not so obedient Lu Ling Xi described, but probably Father often said edge of the eye, he spotted at a glance only Husky. "It's name?" Ye Kang asked. Wash your hands before you eat on this matter, Wang Shuxiu feel trouble, brat but not go out much dirty work, even in bed for one day under the bed did not have anything to wash hands. Although she only think so, but fail to beat Lu Ling Xi's insistence, he will be forced to adapt to Lu Ling Xi habits. Lu Ling Xi Wang Xiushu or two to put on shoes, a pair of holding him to go wash their hands posture. "Do not bother Tian sister, I can be in." Lu Ling Xi hurry rejected. Xiaojuan did a good job in the flower garden, the promise is to work hard to come by, she cherish the idea of ​​gratitude for flowerbeds thing is cored. Although with small stones at her side, but she never let small stones into the garden, the children do not know the severity of fear inside trouble. This is Lu Ling Xi came a few times but never seen the sake of small stones. Information is displayed on a land of water very good bet, after another ten years of time doing nothing, is hovering at each table was removed and underground casino. Over the years, the land has a water wins or loses, but is basically a win lose less, outside owe a lot of money, has been relying on his wife Wang Shuxiu income to support their families and pay off debts. Drum face him this look really cute, Lu Ling Xi laughed, nodded with. Xue Tong nodded. Yen more open window, "That the Huskies how?" Hallway nurses began walking voice sounded slightly tired Lu Ling Xi put away the panel, after all he had just finished surgery, although the spirit of excitement but also keep up with the physical condition. His eyes closed in bed, I could not help but think of another emerging white panel. Panel in the end is what? It is how to appear? This body belongs to the original owner do?

Small shovels, buckets, gloves, masks, Lu Ling Xi equipment is very complete, all this time to specially prepared. With the experience of the last sarcastic grass, Lu Ling Xi think he should not be like last time to get the body is mud. After the evolution of eelgrass filled buckets Lindao the river, Lu Ling Xi no hurry to transplant, but to acquire a small shovel stones and ready for transplanting blizzard clean cleaning area, again near the mud for a long shovel, dig a few a suitable hole. Until parked the car, and no one opening between the two men to break the silence. Yan Ling Xi Lu looked more gentle look, paused and said nothing, went straight off toward the trunk. Yesterday the store consumes more ceramic pots, return time, more specifically color flower garden with a group from the back of the store supplement consumption. Ling Xi Lu Yen saw more meaning, followed in the past will help. Yan did not mind the "only happy when Sulang, which also spare investigated these?" Lu Ling Xi hand hold her, I could feel Wang Shuxiu body tremble. He was afraid of the ruthless Wang Shuxiu gas, poor health, softly:. "I'm looking for a job, then I support you." Luckily he had just boast two Kazakhstan obedient. "Mom still awake, still clean up the house." Laris Ann slight frown, "just seems to always feel someone watching us? 'Sake because of illness, he was very sensitive to other people's eyes, he was sure was just looking at them, not the illusion. Ling Xi Lu Wensheng fastest response, "Yan brother you come back?" Ling Xi Lu Dongzhi reminded, "Konishi point you back." "Konishi brother." Cub urged a sentence, do not know Ling Xi Lu Yan and the more what to say.

Xue Tong hesitated a few seconds, decisively said:. "Good" "Is not it?" Easy Hang exaggerated exclaimed, "You're mom is really, really want to go back to the next higher youngest you, too Lao Leba."Disperse Dyestuff Big yellow dog whispered cry. Compared cuttings, the latter is not how Lu Ling Xi skilled. Although Qiu Tian gardening flower garden built inside the respective culture chamber, but the early Lu Ling Xi chose cutting, and slowly the number of breeding Begonia. Of course, he gradually began to learn how to use the culture chamber, to prepare for a large-scale reproduction.

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