High-wash Dyestuff

Lu Yen-water surprised at the more, the more completely do not understand the intent of the Yen. Inter president Zhengleng, Luguang Jing has been driven to distraction to turn over, and whispered:. "I go first." Yan met once more the next day to find time to Xiao Feng. Qiu Tian two about gardening flowerbed.

Yan is squatting cage installed in front of the big black big black look, Xu Yan is recognized more of its benefactor, big black Actually, I'm calling out, it is to see the color of the eyes still has a little more vigilant. I heard a young voice, the Yen quietly back, but did not expect to be directly on the land Lingxi smile. "Come to wash your hands, and soon will be able to eat." Wang Shuxiu told Road, incidentally reminder reminders Xiao Feng, "Peak brother you cut the potatoes it?" Lu Ling Xi thought, "We are also very happy." Because they want to get married but also busy with preparations for greenhouses thing, Xiao Feng these days a bit busy. Ling Xi Lu old man thought it was before they heard the conversation, nodded. Sales of new Chlorophytum gradually slow down when entering early December, which is Xue Tong Yan and more expected to do. Ling Xi Lu eyes closed, ears buzzed just feel terrible quarrel. I do not know the aftermath of the surgery, his head was like a see-saw saw about as faint stinging. Lu Ling Xi struggling want raised his hand, seems less limbs obey his command, he exhausted all the strength, only slightly moved his index finger. Wang Shuxiu laugh listening laughed, readily Ling Xi Lu in the head a slap shot. "Little bastard would say nice. Do you feel good and live with me, so you have a wife estimated that respect me too unsightly." Yi-Hang nodded, quite some sympathetic mean, "I'm not as good as the fourth of now, I have no problems started cooking, he estimated to be afraid even pot did not end too." Here easy route suddenly eyes light up, pull landing Lingxi lowered his voice, "you say let youngest fourth eldest how to come back, but also to follow your mother do, than what the gold medal chef learned much stronger."

Yan laughed more abruptly, that teenagers now face is really interesting. His laughter was interrupted by the phone ringing, Yan looked more casual, but at the top to see the caller ID when people Lianqu a smile, then took a few steps outward pick up the phone. Small stones clutching his stomach grumbles aggrieved, "My stomach hurts, I have to pee." Simple packed, Lu Ling Xi gently opened the door, a large black wind of about jump out, squatting in the corridor and other landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu yesterday and said something to the flower market, but still left a note posted in a conspicuous place in the living room. And Su Wei visited since the last time being after the flower market, with a big black Lu Ling Xi himself visited once. Although he knew that "leak detection" is also need luck, and do not always come across best Chunlan. Besides there is no force of nature, even if the encounter can save over two also said under tremendous economic pressure can, or can not help but hold little hope. Lu Ling Xi want to exclude suspects, they are looking for more suspects a person or thing out, and there is a large willow perfect to meet all this. Three hundred thousand ...... former Miss Ling Xi for the money no idea, he does not need to spend money and no place to spend money. Rebirth over this experience, Ling Xi Lu has recognized the importance of money, three hundred thousand pairs him now absolutely huge sum of money. With this money, he can open my own gardening shop, shop during the day and evening classes to a newspaper. Wang Shuxiu can also quit her job, not so hard. Or they can sell the house and go to other cities, do not worry about a land and water after lost money keep looking up. Man who spoke politely, sounds good to hear, with a slight magnetic, listen very comfortable in the ear. "Ah, I sleep, Yan brother you go to bed early." Bobbing on a big black horse running back, squatting on the ground in small increments toward the landing Lingxi wagging his tail. Lu Ling Xi staring low brow survival of plants displayed Weicu, he does not know yet whether the rescue was over.

"You and Konishi Where? I invite you to dinner at noon." Yan see of him asleep, schematically flight attendants sent a blanket over. Although the outside temperature is high, but the plane open air a bit cold, cold to sleep a long time on the bad. Carefully blanket to cover the body of Ling Xi Lu, Yan is also the right moment, to see the landing Lingxi backpack suddenly thought of the booklet. Even Lu Ling Xi said nothing, Yan also guess that the pamphlet was how it was. He imagined Wang Shuxiu tangled feelings, could not help some moved.High-wash Dyestuff "The money you owe me for you, you and a small West's mother divorced." The more cold Yan Road. Lu Ling Xi helpless, he had just eaten lunch not long, it is to eat. Just waiting for him to refuse opening, Wang Shuxiu think guessed his thoughts, blunt in his face pinched, "Is not wash their hands to eat something? Brat, Intuit much stress."

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