Lu Ling Xi read each other and other fruit spread and did not leave the meaning, but turn up in the store. He stood in front of some curious Rieger begonia, hesitated: "This is a begonia it?" Ye Kang angry low voice accusing injustice Yan Yue, his waist should be cut off, but not how to face him one more considerate. "Little West you stay in the car." The more Yan told: "I'll see how it?"

See Lu Ling Xi Tong Xue reaction is not the first time, the juvenile obviously do not know who he is. Yen more some remorse, he is busy these days some, taking the time today to be able to spend time with teenagers. He did not pay attention to the place, young people are not really a point guard. Xue afternoon he went through there Shihai good, the weather forecast did not say there will be rain this afternoon, who thought it would come to such a sudden rainstorm. Fortunately, the police seem to take into account the weather conditions today, in front of the accident process fairly quickly, quickly plugging together car slowly go up. Fang Lei badly sleepy, small gray eyes closed grabbed the neck, it into a quilt hug in the arms, cajole, said: "Small gray Stop it, I know you're eating these days eat cats canned tired , so I have to sleep together you get the fish dry ...... ...... " Since the last accident, Grandma Wang's legs would not so agile, and had to pay attention to wind and rain. Grandma Wang Wang Chaoliang said several times, the king grandmother restless, not every day Getting around is a bunch of old lady shouted cells play croquet. Wang Chaoliang No way, Grandma Wang had to buy a few good warm pants kneepad, afraid Grandma Wang suffered a cold cold, it can still be blowing up. But also the loss of a leg, Wang grandmother and then not to doctor's words lightly. Xu Father put down the heart, starlings can help out again, at least he did his force. Alas, too. Who would have thought he buried a half old man one day and actually exchange it a bird? He thought of those words before a small stone yell, do not know small stones are not joking? If true, then he can be regarded as small stones and have a common topic. Small Wazi do not want trouble, come back quickly. They help landing Lingxi speak, Wang Shuxiu scruples now the occasion, Lu Ling Xi stared at, not to pursue the black thing. Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, it seems mom is not afraid of snakes, black anyhow had a clear path, it will no longer be a black households. Wang Shuxiu listening heart happy, mouth also happens fooling said: "? Who certified the essentials" Ye Kang continued to ridicule, "I do not know what to me one more time filled with love, kindness, compassion friends. To tell the truth, you know I like this car quite a long time. Do you think you are to strangers full of kindness, for I should be so is not it? as a good brother, you are not that satisfied my desire? " "Etc., etc., running slowly." Lu Ling Xi was pulling trot a few steps, he could not help but laugh.

"Is not like school." Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "In the past there is no opportunity to go out, I hope to see the outside world through school and now I feel that life is good, do not need to go to school by any change." He did not this body of memory, but no less easy to listen to Air chatting easy route to school complained they had too much homework endless teacher scolded. Lu Ling Xi brain make a scene about his nightly homework home, think about school or forget. Yinyong De pressing anger interrupted her words, "I did not say Xiaoya not my granddaughter. A more in Xiaoya do not bring over. Well, it so set." "Son, son, Lu Ling Xi, little son of a bitch!" Lu Ling Xi blushing nodded and thought said:. "The easy route they also call on it." Tian sister first asked: "Little Miss, what are you to be discharged?" Land and water, although a heart drums, but this is a rare opportunity, he really did not want to miss. Not that divorce thing? From the off, even from the king of flowers but also his wife, Lu Ling Xi is his son, he was old they can no matter he is not? He said the man's heart misses something, hastily recruited a car is to drive home. This time the king of flowers in the affirmative, the two first procedures do today, and tomorrow is not right to remarry is a matter of minutes. Dulin then I thought, good, too. She motioned to the corner to see Lu Ling Xi, "Recognizing that potted it? It can see what is wrong with you?" Xiao Feng these remarks prepared for a long time. Although Lu Ling Xi looked cute and naive, for him and Wang Shuxiu things did not object, but Xiao Feng think these words should still say to listen to Miss Ling Xi. He and Wang Shuxiu together, and not just the two of them do, but Lu Ling Xi count three things. Ling Xi Lu is not a child, he is willing to Lu Ling Xi treat as equal adults, Lu Ling Xi given due respect and freedom of choice. Having Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not wait for anything, said Ling Xi Lu hand patted the shoulder, and turned leisurely back to the house. Butler tight and walk followed behind Yan Yue, Yan careful glimpse of the expression, to do: "the second lady she ......"

Li Weisheng played a greeting, looked proud QiuJun Lu Ling Xi an, Li Weisheng in his eyes let them unload their relations in the past and still explain. His face with a provocation, Lu Ling Xi is a look ignorant, for private simmering fully understand. Brother Lee look in the eyes reluctantly shook his head, seems to have to go and say hello Qiu Tian gardening, do not give the child into trouble. Yan did not how to speak more, seems to have been listening opposite he said. He quickly hung up the phone, apologetic look to Lu Ling Xi, "Konishi I have something to leave for a while, you wait for me in the store, I come home in the afternoon to pick you up."Ciclopirox He said, voice low down, big black licked his fingers, whining called twice. Lu Ling Xi mouth slightly, continued:. "In fact, not a people do not, but my father sometimes accompany every father and I stayed a long time, the mother will be happy, that his father ignored his brother, his brother unfair big black you do not know it, I had a brother there. listen steward grandfather said his brother was a premature child, childhood was ill, and later got sick, the body is even worse. I think my brother is like a porcelain doll , each brother should speak cautiously, afraid of my brother blew down. mother was like my brother, like brother and father, the whole family like my brother, I sometimes feel that I am actually a surplus of people do. " The room, "pop" sound Qing Xiang, hold on a small black snake fell down from the headboard. Dizziness after half a day, a small black slowly moved towards the door, close to the grass swim to the north,

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