In front of the traffic is restarted, the lips bent Yan, Lu Ling Xi saw a smiling, he stepped on the foot throttle towards the direction of home. Lu Ling Xi emotions are hanging in his face, see the Yen heart, but know little thin-skinned West, only pretended to see nothing like, quietly guide the landing Ling Xi chatted about other topics. Force of Nature, the original panel when the rescue of large flowers Clivia a reward. Lu Ling Xi also studied for a long time for this, we want to find out what force of nature in the end. He did not expect to find that the use of force of nature at this time.

"Really? When will you be able to put into production?" Pentland called a second look to see leaf flower, that is the product phase leaves and flowers after flowering products. Today, in front of this strain Chunlan Although not bloom, but the leaves look fine, straight, you can not see the goods with absolute difference, Zhanglao some heart. The heart just Zhanglao kitten scratching heart, like to sit still, Chunlan looked and looked around, carefully touched Youmo, luminous eyes, saw a big black chicken looks like. Zhaolao see his thoughts, drying natural smile, do not fight with him. Zhanglao looked around for a long time made up his mind, Stern, Lu Ling Xi said: "? Konishi, this strain of Chunlan you you serve." He looked through the panel newborn root systems in the soil, in addition to Lu Ling Xi full of a sense of accomplishment, and old Korean is more empathy joy. Lu Ling Xi said inadvertently, but Black is not suddenly stopped walking, and turned back toward the whispering cried. Yan Enliaoyisheng more thoughtfully, unexpected: "You grew up west where the number of sets of words?" Wang Shuxiu not previously been divorced because of Lu Ling Xi, but this time Ling Xi Lu suffered a heavy injury, people are almost gone, a land or water bubbles on the surface did not reveal even a roulette, Wang Shuxiu completely lost hope. Even Lu Ling Xi later recovered memories with her naughty, she married this from settled. Yen more noticed his face, dark eyes, dark, Lu Ling Xi arm stretched to embrace his arms, looking down at his face Qinliaoyikou, "even if forgotten." Homologous plant is selected homogeneous evolution?

Dongzhi thought, told said:. "Prepare anesthetic, give it a shot and then clean up." Yan mouth patiently coax more Gouzhuo landing Ling Xi, "which will wait for her mother fell asleep, Konishi you willing to come out to chat with me?" "I know." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. Wang Chaoliang said field station located on the edge of pristine rainforest Queenan, where China is already approaching the border country, away from the Kunlun city quite a distance, and even Zhanglao Zhaolao want to go, do not worry they followed Lu Ling Xi go with.

Yekang Song tone, but also with the mood to joke, "I am not a cropper like. By the way, how well you sleep recently?" Lu Ling Xi smiled, scanning shed spirit fixed on the cat crouching willow tree. This tree is in front of the center of the soil purification, flourish, the afternoon sun hit the trees, as if Fei color circulation on the leaves. Unconsciously, this strain of willow has evolved to meet the requirements.Crotamiton "Good." Xiao Hong very satisfied, "a man must protect his wife and family. We can not let his wife Xiao old tradition of disappointment." Good night's sleep, Ling Xi Lu did not feel the rain ever stop. He stumbled sleep seven points, draw the curtains, spring Morninghope shine through the windows of the house, golden light floating in the air, the house warm, very comfortable.

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