High-light Dyestuff

In fact, he is said to be a small garden on the ground floor of the households own a small piece of open space, outside the fence around the others to enter. Wang Shuxiu not previously thought manage these small overgrown garden which, looking at the mess. Ling Xi Lu in the hospital after discharge should also think about what these kinds of tomatoes, this is simply a small piece of open space to prepare for him. Fang Lei Wang Chaoliang nodded with a smile, to see Fang Lei is to give meaning to send New Year's Konishi, simply agile he chose to leave. His counterpart was not impressed Lei, Fang Lei Wang Chaoliang can remember. Wang Chaoliang left, Fang Lei conspire Lu Ling Xi before. "This is the family of the victim of a car accident last QiuJun, right?" "What?" Wang Shuxiu outset not hear what Ling Xi Lu said she could react immediately beat a chopsticks, "the little bastard What did you say?"

Wedding march sounded, Lu Ling Xi think he was more nervous than Wang Shuxiu. He did not know how to describe this complex psychological now, there are happy, there is sadness, there are all kinds of worry. From his rebirth to the present, he has been Wang Shuxiu each other. Wang Shuxiu not the way he imagined his mother, but he had seen the best mother. He wanted to take care of Wang Shuxiu, accompanied Wang Shuxiu life, but now there is another man to take care of Wang Shuxiu, they will have a new home, perhaps there will be new kid ...... Anyway, Wang Shuxiu are his mother, his flesh and blood relatives. Ling Xi Lu thought of this crooked eye, a small channel:. "I wish my mother happy." This time ...... Wang Shuxiu sighed a few days beating Lu Ling Xi tone then. Anyway, no matter from leave, she will not dig for land and water a penny. Thought of this, Wang Shuxiu quickly find the house real estate license. The last time she forced water landing a name to the house of Ling Xi Lu, Lu is the fear of a lost dog eat dog fight water house idea. She will also be bidding Lu Ling Xi few, do not be a land and water that the old bastard lied to the house to sell. Lu Ling Xi said seriously, careful planning for Wang Shuxiu these things. Wang Shuxiu heart happy, holding Lu Ling Xi's face in his head Qinliaoyikou. "No, me and my mom, but my mother at night, this time she has to work." "Konishi, this is the last time, I promise." Lu Ling Xi white panel with the scanning surface. Xue Ling Xi gaze smooth landing, immediately rock peony arms placed on the cash register. Lu Ling Xi blinked, sly look, "If I carry four boxes come true, my mother lips do not say, and my heart will certainly be unhappy." "What?" Lu Ling Xi, then this is tantamount to a bomb, Wang Shuxiu suddenly overstating the sound, looked at him suspiciously, "You find the money?" The little bastard is not to do anything bad, right? Wang Shuxiu to himself.

Lu Ling Xi slept before to say have forgotten, but it is more Yen chew sentence. Konishi said he was dead, but alive, how would there be such a strange idea? He sat on the sofa fathom another Ling Xi Lu, there was a vague sound of his brother, so his heart can not tell doubts. Wang Shuxiu followed his gaze to see the past, suddenly threw the hands of something rushed up. Land and water is a slap shot her a shorter length, holding his arm up loud yell. "Is not the last time you I do not give money, you see what I was labeled a. If you did not these things off to, I one arm gone." "What do you mean little bastard! Also father and mother, you're trying to cheat his aging mother what?" Liu Mei Wang Shuxiu a pick, dig a slap shot in the head Ling Xi Lu. Ye Kang heart racing, immediately look to the direction of Yanshi Hui. From his perspective, Yanshi Hui face some bad, although everyone knows that the land is worth, the good functioning of certain earn back later. But to know that this project is not the entire three billion investment, a piece of land just South of money. Late related to compensation, it is impossible to expect a bottomless pit. To tell the truth, according to the strength of family leaves is now somewhat reluctantly, to understand the financial situation Kang Ye Pu together, I am afraid will be more reluctant. Also thought about the problem of shortage before Lu Ling Xi, heard nodded.

Lu Ling Xi look shyly, the more points Yan half quilt. The more tightly the Yen Lu Ling Xi contentedly rub his arms, what about juvenile pat on the back, coaxed him to sleep. Lu Ling Xi unknowingly sleep in the past. Sleep at night, she woke up suddenly frozen. He woke up, went with the Yen woke up. Lu Ling Xi embarrassed then nodded, nearly more than a week without eating, he was really a bit hungry.High-light Dyestuff Spirit River passes through the village, the village is the only one spirit of water is not contaminated river water village. Large willow root shall be firmly embedded in the river, tangled roots shall be blocked water penetration, a little slow absorption of the river did not come. Yin Seiran look of a lag, "A more."

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