Ethyl Crotonate

"How? This is what happened a few months ago?" Li Dayong hearts of suspicion, watching Fang Lei disturbed asked. With his choice OK, there has been a period of meandering rivers on a white panel. Color rivers appear black, his range is just planted these bitter grass range. With ecological communities willow example, Lu Ling Xi new ecological communities is not new. Perhaps the difference between solid and liquid soil water, and ecological communities is not as bitter grass willow ecological communities formed as a direct purification of soil underground, but the effect of the evolution of water + 50%. Land and water a go, Yan Ye gave the Kang made a phone call.

Direction Ling Xi Lu Wang Chaoliang pointing down looked curious: "? That was it central rainforest Been" His movement attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi puzzled back, Yan directed at the more shallow smile. "I ask ......" "Something you Lin Yi went home trip. Oh, you do not remember who you are, right Lin Yi, Lin Yi few days find you eat a meal together." Colleague Wang Shuxiu mouth is Lin Yi Lin and her work with the United States these days no less to her for the class. Wang Shuxiu want to take a noon hidden in this room which, not feel particularly safe. After much deliberation decided to give Lin Mei said loudly, to put their house in this room a few days. Uncle Lee heart save trouble, and do not know who said that. He heard in the end is true, or his body out what went wrong with the hallucinations? But he obviously felt the body is getting better, even the village people quipped he looked like the young teens. Father pondering for a long time, that is their own auditory hallucinations, and distracted mind pressure in this matter. Fruit vine is a perennial evergreen herb foreign origin, healthy fruit vine leaves elongated, leaf color is bright like a waxy, shiny. Foliage inflorescence erect, colorful, very beautiful. But the front of this basin is the fruit of the vine inflorescence faded, lack luster, the bottom of the inflorescence and even some fade. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, he has two hundred thousand less. Wang Shuxiu filled with anger poured spotless Lu Ling Xi's words. Received Yan Yue phone, leaf Kang first complained for a long time grandfather's stubborn, and finally said:. "Grandfather probably already loose he attaches great importance your attitude, you are a not optimistic about half much stronger than me, but A Why do not you in the end the more optimistic Fengcheng real estate development? "

"Welcome, you need ......" Dulin greeting half suddenly stunned. Lu Ling Xi: "......" "You're dead, you wife and children how to do?" When it comes to marriage, the color looks as usual, like small talk the same. Suddenly Ling Xi Lu stunned, long time to react. Before he could back, he gained at the door cried, "Konishi brother we go see a sister." "A more How about you? Your thoughts?" She rested here a small restaurant which has been concerned about the situation outside the easy route with a shop attendant immediately rushed out and stand in front of Wang Shuxiu. This experience Ling Xi Lu did not realize that he wanted to take care of flowers so simple. Previously, when Lu home, nothing else he would occasionally go to the garden to see the flower watering pruning shears. He was thought that these very simple, but when he began to personally take care of the pots of spider plants, he found that even such a simple thing watering are also learned.

It'll soon settled, Ling Xi Lu Yan only know the more determined to Sulang their research investment, we do not know these things behind. Father to the store or the Soviet Union indignation speaking, Lu Ling Xi did not know where the bodies Sulang split into two parts, the other person in charge of treachery with their research data run. Out at the rain has been intermittent, down from the afternoon to the evening. Lu Ling Xi will read the book, but also the color and through a phone call, pick up the ready to sleep when the rain has not stopped. He would be lying in the window watching the rain While it has been under, but because the rainfall is not the reason, residential yard and no water. The rain falls on the ground quickly penetrate into the ground, it absorbed and stored underground hibernation roots up.Ethyl Crotonate Yan stopped in front of the Lu Ling Xi and gently pushed open the door. The light, a finger thickness little black snake kept creeping toward the house operation stare at them. Xu was scared to give their movement a small black snake thin tip of the tail to the ground shook, Lu Ling Xi do not know how to think like a big black tails wagging. Here he began to pack up, big black quietly squatted beside him. Lu Ling Xi touched the head of a large black, big black whispered cry.

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