Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Lu Ling Xi holding the phone, quietly asked one more color, "Yan brother until you have time to do? Du sister to come over." Since the two have worked together, Lu Ling Xi think these two things together is the best to prevent after what contradictory differences. Du Lin Ling Xi Lu along the line of sight at the past, small white porcelain bowl in the corner, ten several flower flower exotic flowers together, yellow corolla was like slippers, a bit like the ancient purse. Across the red spots on the corolla small, very fresh and interesting, not just look at the spirit, some apathetic look. Lu Ling Xi before the accident, after which they put to the hospital and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu notified, did not dare to go home these days has been hiding out. A few days ago I heard that day easy route and together they fight people have been arrested, several people under panic to discuss Lu Ling Xi went to the hospital to see a neighboring city Duo Duo. A result, they have not to the hospital by the police to arrest, and a few days off last night to put out, saying it was all right. A few people for a night of rest the next day about the view Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi actually did not expect amnesia.

Dinner for two is already more than nine, Ye Kang in downtown Beijing have their own house, the more a person Yan Yan drove back to the mansion. Yan mansion located in Beijing's most prestigious at the foot of the Fragrant Hills, an area of ​​broad, is an antique four into the courtyard. When Yan Yue grandfather built this year Zhaizi and think of Yan Jiazi Sun flourishing, beauty and a beautiful life together. Unfortunately, until the old man died, the mansion owner Yan Yan and only three of the parents and the Yen. Still later, the parents leave young Yan Yan were moved out of the house, the owner of this house also left the Yen a person. Lu Ling Xi almost unconsciously pulling away from the Yen's hand, turned to the opening. The more eye grassland Yan caught him in time before he spoke, whispered: "? Konishi" Time is fleeting, and soon the end of August. In Fengcheng have Rangrang all kinds of news, the people most concerned about the issue of South demolition and renovation. About competition in Beijing several large consortia projects Nancheng noisy news first, leaves home Hop Pu became the most likely winner. Two against each other everywhere, all the way from Beijing to fight Fengcheng. "Then change it clouds limestone, the store has to sell it?" Perhaps some of his daze long time, big black Ling Xi Lu licked fingers, do not forget to remind him out of the goal. Lu Ling Xi bent eyes laughed whim of big black said: "? We run together to see who Xianpao past." Referred back, Yan frowned slightly more, the first time thought of Lu Ling Xi. Yan some more unexpected turn, "Ye Kang", then look contains a warning stare Kang a leaf. Xipixiaolian leaves Kangma raised his hand, made a gesture both understand, suggesting Yan Yue: worry, I did not say anything. Left two people continue to see in the village, Fang Lei asked to understand the way to the spirit of water village, a man drove to the spirit of water village. Far, he saw a small courtyard outside four or five little boy hiding in the village, do not know what to do. A big dog with yellow around the little boy. By the next day to get up early, Lu Ling Xi will read the book and took a shower early to sleep. Black once again abandoned backyard nest, Lu Ling Xi Lai in bed. Lu Ling Xi scratched his big black chin, a big black default behavior.

He and Xiao Feng say so, Wang Shuxiu will put down the heart. Poor black just because the "bite" Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu penalty was not allowed to eat breakfast, can only bite the tail pointed toward the ground saucer of milk drooling.

Where few people eat a small restaurant set in the store, give Ling Xi Lu Yi-Hang call and let him stay out of a box. Shortly before the store opened a small restaurant, although the area is the first store several times, but still surging passenger traffic, when to go is full. With the increase in Fengcheng tourists, it is a small restaurant fame came Fengcheng. There are special guests from afar for a long time and so on, just to have dinner in a small restaurant. Improved variation of it? Had Qianlao was his teacher, he will be cursed each other nonsense.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Powell left his side, along with the Yen put down the hands of the notebook, look to the land being bookkeeping Ling Xi. "The guests are just old customers? How I was not impressed?" Lu Ling Xi quickly unscrew a bottle of water and carefully pour the pot. Be surprised that the plant needs on the panel does not change, the display is still need water.

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