The blue cyanine B

Wrapped | cotton pro | after kissed, holding the Yen Ling Xi Lu sitting on the couch. Lu Ling Xi somewhat uncomfortable a change of position, relying Yanyue Ping slow breath. Yan holding his more satisfied, one hand gently touched Ling Xi Lu's face, whispered: "? Just think what in the yard." "Do not look, or else do not go home to eat chicken." Yan eyes flashed a hint of the more interesting, cold and said: "? You just said Konishi and his mother want you to divorce"

Yin Seiran wronged muttered: "Yes I do not care that he do that he will not let me pipe with what he says does not listen, all perfunctory?.." Seeing Yinyong De have to get angry, Yin Seiran quickly changing the subject. " a more pressure in the end is how is it? is the company do for you? " Yen more to find over time, looked up to see Lu Ling Xi stood under the willow, big black quiet crouched beside him. I do not know his illusion, in front of a willow seemed to grow a little high. Wicker hanging, shady trees, pale gold Morninghope speckled spilled. Lu Ling Xi and Black faint hint of a layer of milky white mist shrouded, looking like a big willow same blend. "That is absolutely not feed live, die, whenever there is a hint of possibility, those who can not bear to throw." Lu Ling Xi slept before to say have forgotten, but it is more Yen chew sentence. Konishi said he was dead, but alive, how would there be such a strange idea? He sat on the sofa fathom another Ling Xi Lu, there was a vague sound of his brother, so his heart can not tell doubts. Author has to say: there is a chapter in the evening, I continue refueling ~ He said earnestly, his face looks like the comfort Yan. Yen more soft heart, went over and kissed the boy's forehead, softly:. "Konishi said on" Lu Ling Xi, embarrassed, "Su grandpa ......" "Rain? No, this almost a month, did not see the raindrops." The driver categorically denied. Men only think half pants wet blah, his patience with the little stones pushed the impulse towards the front of the big yellow dog snapped up. Yeller seemed afraid, and ran quickly ran away. Small stones to hold the man's legs, sparkling eyes looked at the man, "Uncle you really powerful."

"I have something to go back to the things we'll talk." Through this, Wang Shuxiu is lost hope, the little bastard is estimated hate to go back to school the next higher. Well, learning craft or, it is not after she took little bastards back home farming, always hungry people.

Yen more headache rubbed his forehead, short juvenile certainly will not go abroad with him, only his stay in the country. As a result, some of the things necessary to long-term perspective. The more unexpected Yan shook his head, "a child is not sensible thought so, and later on do not mind."The blue cyanine B Ye Kang said:. "Second, Kazakhstan want to leave the pet store, make an extra day, come back tomorrow to take it away." He did not detail that, in just ready to take his two ha go, has been devastated two cheap Ha suddenly become depressed up, looked at Dongzhi eyes reveals reluctantly. "Do you remember that big yellow dog small stones around it will not be a big yellow dog found a small stone to find lost dog king for help?"

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